What have you done?

So it's 4 AM and I finally decided to head off to bed (after taking an hour and a half's nap on the couch), ignoring the craving I have for a silly egg because I'm too tired at this time of night/morning.

After having brushed my teeth and gotten into bed, lo and behold! I'm 69! Woohoo! Don't feel comfortable just treating with juice, since I've had problems with that in the past and 4 AM right before going to sleep is NOT a good time to experiment.

So I stood in my freezing cold kitchen at 4 AM and made a silly egg to feed a low.

And now that I'm sitting here on the couch again, I'm staring at a pile of mini Twix bars and KitKats, and I just realized that I could've just eaten a few of those. :-)

What have you done in the middle of the night that's kind of crazy because of blood sugar?

What is a "silly egg"? If you just mean an egg that won't do jack to raise your low! And a "few" candy bars will raise it through the roof for hours to come. I just do glucose tabs, especially when I'm sleepy and don't want to sit up twiddling my thumbs.

As for things I've done in the middle of the night due to low blood sugar, I woke up one night with a runny nose and an empty tissue box on the nightstand. I got up and couldn't find the cabinet that held tissues, walking all the way around (I live in a round house) before I saw the 20 feet high wood stove pipe looming in the distance like a lighthouse in the night and that's when I realized I was low (32). Guess that's not too crazy.

It's a slice of bread with a hole cut out in the middle, then the raw whole egg goes inside the hole and it's pan-fried that way.

I have this thing with bread that it raises me high and fast, even when it's whole wheat (which it was). And two mini Twix bars are 14g of carbs, most of which would be involved in keeping me up not just raising me and then dropping me like a rock again, which pure sugar has done in the past.

Way back when (think about a year ago), if I'd treat a low with juice (which I always did), if I didn't eat something else in the next half hour, I'd drop right back down. Since my BG patterns have changed so much in the last year, I haven't had enough lows to re-test that old pattern. The middle of the night isn't the time to try it.

Also, I had a couple of sips of juice, to keep me up until the carbs from the bread kicked in. If I'd been really low and not just borderline 70's, I would've treated with juice and then used the carbs in the bread to keep me up. Since I wasn't really low (according to my endocrinologist, a BG above 60 with no symptoms isn't really a low, though it shouldn't be left there), I didn't see the need for the extra carbs.

Whatever works! The silly egg would have done nothing for my blood sugar until much later when it would raise me too high. If I'm ready to go to sleep a 1/2 hour is all I want to wait. But only once did I have the problem of dropping back down again, usually I'm raised up and I stay there, so it makes it simpler. If I'm in the 70s at night (which I wouldn't treat during the day) I just take a glucose tablet and go to sleep. Just shows we're all different!

Here is an old post from when I had a blog:http://www.kathy4762.blogspot.com/2007/12/mystery-hypo-or-senior-moment.html

I first encountered those eggs when I saw a character in a movie preparing some. No one in our family knew about them.

My BG HATES bread! Usually it's an issue...so glad it wasn't last night!

The problem with juice was the reactive hypos. The second sugar hit my bloodstream, my pancreas forced it down down down. I don't know if it's still a problem...

Oh, my gosh, that's scary! I almost passed out once because in my low stupor I was just going to treat when I got to school. I passed a Walgreens and several candy stands (and I had candy in my bag and food, if I was so inclined). The crazy things we do when we're low!

One night, about 15 years ago, (don't have the bg number but it was well below 69!!!!) I wandered into the kitchen to treat the hypo with a small bowl of cereal. This hypo treatment seemed more difficult than chew and digest than most though.

Next morning I wake up, go to the kitchen, and find a cereal bowl filled with milk and soggy unshelled peanuts.


Once when I was a kid, we were in the process of moving across town and were at our old house doing some cleaning. I had a really bad low (23) and all we had left in our fridge were the condiments in the door, since we'd cleaned everything else out already. Well, the only thing in there that was going to help my low was maple syrup, so I started to drink that. It was so gross! Then I realized it was sugar free! And it wasn't going to help my low at all! I don't remember what I ended up doing, but I must have eaten something that helped, because I'm still alive today. It was my most crazy low blood sugar moment though. :) That "silly egg" sounds tasty, btw.:)

OOOOO! Egg in a hole. One of my favorites in the enture world, followed quickly by creamed eggs on toast. WOW, it has been years. Thanks for the reminder.

I use apple juice--it is fast, effective, color free, and does not stain the carpet if the low (very ocassionaly :)) makes me throw up. So sad, but so true.

I tried to eat a sponge once in college with jelly.... I toasted it, spread the jelly and I think it was the jelly that brought me around. Boy, did that dorm room stink!!!

We call them bunny holes. And i'm hungry for one now!

tim, that's funny...i mean, not for you but made me laugh. yuck! I've done that too, woken up in the morning finding a jar of p.butter on the counter with lid off, thinking.."hum, did i eat in the middle of the night, don't remember." bowls of whatever.

i just use glucose tabs or jelly beans. sometimes, if i'm really low will add a small keebler p.butter cracker (4 carbs) too, to keep BG's stable.

You're welcome! I want another one, actually.

I usually use juice boxes, OJ if I'm home and we have it because OJ is the best thing in the whole world. I needed something to keep me up, though.

I thought you were gonna say "dog food"

This didn't happen in the middle of the night, but I had a bad hypo at the grocery store. I opened the case near the checkout that had the 20 oz pop bottles, took out a Coke, drank about half of it and then put it back in the case.

Ewewew! I can see myself doing that with almonds, since we don't keep unshelled peanuts in the house. Of course, then I'd go into anaphylactic shock...and now I'm scared of middle of the night lows.