What is the best thing you ever ate using your hands?

What is the best thing you ever ate using your hands… And where do I get some? :o)
The best thing I ate with my hands is a beef burrito from Tacorall in Manchester Ct.
No beens, no lettuce or sour cream… Just a big fat burrito filled with spicy beef and cheddar cheese… You would have to beg for more than the allotted 2 tiny containers of sauce per burrito, but the sauce itself was a delicacy… The burrito was so fat it would not fit properly in the little cup of mild or hot sauce so u just take a bite and then take a “shot” of sauce as a chaser… The 2 went hand in hand.You need one for the other.Unfortunately they are not around any more, I think they just gave away too much of their profits in the meals and had to go out of buisness!
So what’s your favorite, that u ate with your hands?

OHHHHHHHHH I would have to say fresh caught crab and shrimp! I mean right out of the ocean and cleaned and onto the BBQ w/garlic butter sauce for dipping. That is what we used to do alot of the time when we lived in Hawaii. I really miss those days. It was soooooooo good!
And, fresh pineapple, so very sweet and just cut it up and grab some with your hands. Memories. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah! Forgot about the Lobstahs!!
Ever see this painting?

Back in the mid 90's my Uncle from Maine took us on a little ride, we went by the house owned back then by Parker Stevenson and Kirstie Alley in Cushing Maine and then drove by the Olson house

Where it was for real.. It was right next to the coast and after we stopped by some docks my Uncle knew and the lobsterman pulled up the pots and pulled 6 fresh lobsters from them right outta the ocean.. Can't get any more fresh than that!!

Corn on the cob.
Fresh from the pot.
With butter.

Have to agree with lobster! I spent summers in Maine as a kid & nothing in the world like fresh caught lobster. We got them right from the boats. Was really cheap in those days. Even as a kid, I’d eat two. Also had some killer lobster in Rockport, MA. Also, right from the water.

After lobster, my husband’s chocolate chip cookies. He makes the best ones in the world. That’s a thing of the past now.


Oh yes…crabs, lobsters and shrimps…Hmmmmm, yummy.

BBQ ribs and BBQ chicken. It is a tie.

OH, another one…Warm, chewy, thick, double chocolate Brownies! Heaven. Not so great for the BS’s ;(

The first ripe homegrown tomato from my garden . . . each year. :slight_smile:

WHOOHOOO I know what u mean Janet!! Mine are coming in slow but sure!! Well heheh I cheated I got my first one just orange, sat on the window for 1 day and I just could not stand it!! So I ate it! Once they start though they really fill up the five gallon buckets!! About 25 plants this year!!! Am growing very impatiant!! Rained pretty good this spring so I think it made them a bit late… But did wonders for the cucumbers that usually don’t happen!!

Hey Craig…send me some fresh veggies, please :slight_smile:

LMAO!! I dunno if it would make the fed ex trip in this heat!

well it has to be a toss up between a yummy good pizza or a dusty road … or both. YUM !!

Mine is Tamales at christmas time and funnel cake with powdered sugar and strawberrys on top…yummy…

What is a dusty road Joanne?

Its a sundae that a well known local ice creamery has. The Ritz was in business when my parents were dating. They make this sundae with their own special flavor of “Butter Brickle” ice cream, Hot fudge and finely crushed malted milk balls (which is the dust) whipped cream and a cherry on top. Oh God, I’m in heaven for the time I’m there. Yum !!!
Before we moved 2 yrs ago we used to live in walking distance of the Ritz … oh that was bad,lol. When my brothers come home to visit, its one of the places they need to get to. Some things just can never be duplicated.

Joanne…Now I want a dusty road. malted milk balls are one of my favorite candy. sounds so yummy…

LOl, I have tried making one at home but it is never the same. I want one now too, haha.

You dont eat a sundea with your hands silly… or do you :o)