What is the most ridiculous comment you have heard about diabetes?


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard variations of “well we better give them sugar just in case they have diabetes and don’t know it” after people who don’t have diabetes whatsoever have any kind of problem… Dizziness, fainting, dehydration, etc


You gonna take insulin? You sure you want to? I’d be too scared after a low blood sugar like that.


“Don’t eat that Apple! It has fructose in it!”


“Haven’t you figured that out yet?” from my daughter who heard my pump alarm and assumed I’d done something wrong to cause the alarm. She’s generally not a nice person :frowning:


Oh man, I can write a book of these:

“You don’t look diabetic, you’re skinny!”

Kids in my elementary school: “Is it contagious? We don’t want to catch that” and also “did you get it because you ate a lot of sugar?”

“I could never poke myself/take injections! I’m afraid of needles.”

“Do you need to take insulin?” When my BG is low

“I cured myself by following this special cleanse, I had a lot of candida. You should look up (insert name of snake oil salesman here) I only drank lemon juice and water for a week and now don’t need any insulin”

“Type 1s can completely wean themselves off of insulin if they only follow a strict ketogenic diet of 0 carbs. Here’s an article without any references from an unreliable source that shows this one boy was cured.”

I have more but even writing this made me angry so I better stop now. :smirk:


The most ridiculous comment I’ve heard about my daughter’s Type 1 D came, not surprisingly, from her [diabetes-idiot] father: “I don’t know why you keep checking her blood sugar during the night; if her diabetes was that serious, she’d still be in the hospital.”



that i can’t eat things with flour or fruit. lol


“Oh, you have to give yourself a shot EVERY TIME you eat? Yuck, I wouldn’t want that!”

Yeah, because I WANTED diabetes…


I am a well control T2 not on meds. I was having a discussion with someone in our community and showed him my app which confirms my BG ranges from 80 to 120 ( not a CGM). Anyway he’s asked with numbers as good that and an A1c of 5.6, how did my doctor diagnose me as a T2?
It was probably because my fasting BG level at diagnosis was 325!
Oh well.


that sounds like the one that pierced my heart…“surely you’ve already seen every situation many times and know what to do in the situations”.


Think I might have said this upthread somewhere–or somewhere else–but I go with “Contact lenses??? Ewww! I could never stick something onto my eyeball–just the thought of it grosses me out.” Which is true. Fortunately my eyesight’s fine.


Reading a post from @Melitta made me realize the most ridiculous comment was from a nurse who said she knew all about diabetes. This was from when I had moved to Florida and was shopping for a new endo.

She asked when I was diagnosed? When I responded that I was 19, she decided that I was diagnosed as an adult and therefore Type 2 … and nothing I said was going to dissuade her from her diagnosis.


Apparently we shoulda just stuck with the “juvenile” and “mature” labels and skipped that whole T1/T2 thing, which clearly only exists to confuse people.


I had my boss ask me yesterday if I had stage 1 or stage 2 diabetes. After telling her I had TYPE 1, she said, “Is that the really bad one?”:confused:


I’m T1 and pregnant. I was asked if I was more prone to getting gestational diabetes… Oh dear! :neutral_face:


I’ve had people tell me all kinds of things I shouldn’t eat because I have diabetes. Salt being the one that confuses me the most, and yet I still hear it from time to time.

I have coworkers who still call it “Sugar-Diabetes”, all one word.

I also sometimes get people telling me how I can “cure” my diabetes by just taking [insert random non-medicine thing here]. Cinnamon. Various herbal supplements. Etc.

I also had a preacher start going off one time about how “all science is wrong,” (a direct quote, though I think he was trying to attack evolution specifically and any science that hinted at a universe older than Adam and Eve in general). I pointed out that science was literally the reason I hadn’t died twenty years earlier. He sputtered for a minute and changed the topic of discussion. I seriously am not trying to attack religion or religious beliefs. But to tell me that science is wrong? Really?

It isn’t really a comment per se, but I also “love” (heavy sarcasm there) how my insulin pump means I must be an evil person, and therefore certain airport security guards have to give me extremely thorough exams. More thorough than most doctor visits I’ve had.


The “medical policy” of my rinky dink insurer says (among other things):

“Long-term use of CGM…is not covered for convenience”


“Oh–you’re not on meds (I very cautiously control with diet and exercise so far–but know that will change gradually)—you are cured”----makes me want to whack them upside the head…


The most terrible thing anyone has said to me about diabetes was in elementary school were several children decided that diabetes was contagious and convinced most of the other kids of this and I suddenly had no friends and I never had any at that school again.
Otherwise I am extremely tolerant of ignorance when it comes to diabetes. To those who say I can cure my diabetes with yada yada, I can honestly tell them that I tried it and it didn’t work. I use any incorrect comment about diabetes to educate those around me and I enjoy doing so. I don’t eat anything that I’m not supposed to in order to smooth things over and most people really do want to understand, they just have a hard time wrapping their heads around a complicated and frightening disease. I have a friend who is a baker and he feels so bad that I can’t eat his pastries that he is researching low carb desserts and I get that sugar diabetes comment somewhat often.
I think most of this stems from the fact that until fairly recently people hid that they had diabetes, after all until the 1920’s it was a death sentence and most people even after insulin was discovered had terrible complications and died very young. So I don’t blame people for not knowing any real information about diabetes after all they weren’t taught about it by someone who knew what they were talking about and the more correct information we PWD put out there the better it will be for us in the future.


in trying to solve unexplained high bg’s I asked a friend to ask a doctor friend of hers his opinion and any advice - his response : don’t believe her, it’s what she’s eating , diabetics are notorious liars . I am speechless .