What Is Your All Time BG Personal Worst?

My worst low was a 20, and the worst high was 1441.

Worst low 29. Worst high that I can remember was 561. Don’t recall what it was when I was diagnosed 35 years ago.

Low was Lo on the meter and I was in a seizure.
High was 963 or something at diagnois, but I was still walking and have never been in a come in almost 30 years.

Worst low 32

Worst high “hi” 600 +

DKA 1995 ? high enough to be told I would have died in 1 more hr.

My highest high was before my diagnosis…a friend brought in her father’s meter and we tested me. I was too high to register on the meter (which went to 600).

My lowest low was 66.

my worst low was 19 my worst high was hi i have no clue exactly what it was, but im pretty sure it was at least 600. but my keytones were low.

My lowest was at 32 and my highest has been at 600+ unsure exactly how high. I went for a time not taking my insulin because I was still in denial and had an A1c of 16 when I finaly got with the program again and had a blood test. Very surprised I did’nt land in the hospital.

650 upon diagnosis (during my pre-college physical). I was working, driving, eating, etc. I did kinda wonder the night I ate a pint of ice cream and had lost a pound by morning…

we use different numbers in aus
but 2.1 is my lowest
and for my highest the machine just said HI so that gives an indication of how high oops

Lowest I have seen, 90. The worst high was 390 with keytons. After 4 years of Pretending I was ok, I’m not

Worst high: 1230(68.3)–Forgot my shots.
Worst by me: 16(0.9)–the Paramedic told my Hubby.
Worst low: 0.00---------Severe overdose by a Nurse at the Hospital.

Worst High: 1450 at diagnosis, I was still up walking around, talking, laughing all I had was a slight headache with no keytones
Worst Low: 32 I was in the middle of a volleyball tournament and had no access to sugar, I stayed that low for a while…felt awful

My worst low is 66 and i don’t know my worst high cause I stopped taking my sugar reg. for about 2 years. The one I know about is 164 fasting. I am back on the horse now…

Lowest is 50 (ICU after a back surgery). Worst was 399 at diagnosis.