What is your favorite Diabetes Gadget?

My happens to be my bayer usb meter, looking forward to hear from you all. thanks

The only diabetes gadget I own as of right now is my one touch meter but I would LOVE to say in the near future that it is a Dexcom 7 CGM.

MM722 pump/CGM

Animas onetouch ping and BG meter/remote…just started pumping today!!! 8)

Congrats Erick! Did you join the Animas group? I’ve had mine for about a month and loving it more every day.

yep with tighter control comes more lows

favorite diabetic gadget, hmmm, my freestyle lite meter, needs very little blood and can keep adding it you did not gather enough

Yep already joined the Animas group 8). Im really happy with my pump, especially with the meter/remote!

Nice I like that “it is time for the LEECH”

I was just dx’d a 2 months ago and my doctor gave me a Contour meter but then after finding out how much the strips were I got a Relion Micro and love it!

•No Coding Required

•Small Sample Size, only 0.3 microliters

•7,14,30 day averaging

•Pre/Post Meal Flagging

•50 test memory with time and date stamp

•5 changeable faceplates to customize the look of your meter

Dexcom!!! These things are great! Best gadget for diabetes ever! Love the Omnipod as well. But nothing compares to the Dexcom CGM!

My Medtronic Revel pump with CGM.

My One Touch Ultra meter…its purple :slight_smile:

Animas Ping
Dexcom 7+

Android Software:


Congratulations Erik! I love the PING too.

I have 2x purple UltraMinis! I don’t like them as much as the CGM/ pump though!

Yeah Donna i really like it, i dont even notice i have the pump hehe 8). What i dont like is all the finger pricking (ouch) !!!

My pump, definitely my pump. I have a Medtronic 722, and it’s my little buddy. I like the CGM, too, but the pump is something I handle, and talk to and sleep with, and drop occasionally – it’s always there. One time I went without the pump for a day, and I felt naked!

My favorite gadget is the one that hasn’t been perfected yet, but is on the way: the artificial pancreas. It measures your BG’s and automatically responds with just the right amount of insulin, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. You can read the 100% accurate CGM using a little wrist watch but eventually you’ll get bored because your BG’s never go below 68 or above 138.

Can’t wait.

Danny, I love your answer!

My meter of that time didn’t need an entire briefcase; it was only the size of a narrow shampoo bottle. But the blood requirement, gadzooks! That might have filled a briefcase (a small one) I think it was 5-7 mL. And when it finally gave a result, some 2 or 3 minutes later, the result was often:

ERROR xxx: Please try again.

(Great, I get to donate another briefcase of blood, and use another $4 strip !!!)

Still in comparison to my earlier years and years on “■■■■■■■ papers” - it was an incredible advance. With ■■■■■■■ papers it was always like this: "Light green, OK, it reads ‘a little bit high’. Is that NOW, or 2 HOURS AGO?"

And that NPH (“Not Particularly Helpful”) insulin: Never a dull (or confident) moment when that was the only ‘long-acting’ choice we had. And when I learned what is was made from, eeuwwwww! I’m shooting THAT into my body ???

Looking back is fun. At the time, though, it wasn’t. Danny, you’re becoming an old-timer – my congrats to you!

And like you and others, I declare my present choice for “Best D-Tech Gadget” to be the Dex 7+. Although I really, really want the NEXT one.