Where are you from?

The banner at the top of the page says 1,979 TuDiabetes users from 52 countries have entered an A1c value on TuAnalyze.. Now I’m curious, where are you from? Manny, do you know how many countries are represented in the community?

Boring old US here.

I live in the “Not boring” U.S. Texas

The beautiful Ozarks of North Central Arkansas USA

Green Mountains Vermont USA

Small town Ontario, Canada… a peaceful place by Cooks Bay. :slight_smile:

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Still pretty close to the “boring” U.S.:slight_smile:

Berkeley, California currently (I move a lot!) But I first got on TuD from Antigua, Guatemala where I lived for two years.

Southeast Florida, USA

Ontario, Canada

Perth, Western Australia, fairly close to the Indian Ocean

Vicksburg, MS

small town, western PA, USA

I’ll take the “not so boring” US Tennessee myself

I live in SE PA near the city of Brotherly Love - Philadelphia

Not far from me in N DE!

NW Ohio. We have some great Metroparks in my neighborhood; great State and National Parks/Forests statewide. Our lack of mountains might be considered a bit boring, but the Great Lakes are nearby.

I’m in the Capital! Ottawa, Ontario Canada :slight_smile:

According to news reports, I’m about 4 hours north of the almost bankrupt USA about an hour north west of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan near Maymont.

The Netherlands

I like how some people are including the attractions of their home area. I still think we should start a “TuDiabetes Couch Surfers”. Could you imagine traveling all over the world staying with other Diabetics (and having them come visit you)??!! Now if only we didn’t have those pesky medical expenses maybe we could actually afford to do that!