Which Pump Do You Recommend?

You may have misunderstood me.

My opinion has zero to do with which algorithm is better nor which algorithm the users like better. This has nothing to do with what I want or don’t want. If that was your question than I obviously missed the mark of what you were asking.

I am only answering to what I expect the company will do in actuality.


I got that.

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My guess is they will leave Basil IQ for now. No reason to remove it. Hoefully it’s a choice where you can choose Basil IQ, Control IQ or none. We’ll see…

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Yeah, this is why I will stay on Basal-IQ until I hear plenty of reviews. Then weigh my options about updating.
I REALLY want the better options that Control-IQ has, I just want to set my own BG parameters for what I consider low, target, etc.


Tandem!!! I used medtronic for 19 years and the switch to the tslim last August was phenomenal. I am so happy that I switched and that I began using cgm. Can’t say enough good things about it tandem pump and dexcom g6.


I am in the same situation but I am on Medicare. I was told that Medicare does not cover the G6. Anyone know details about Medicare coverage for a new pump and CGM when the Medtronic warranty expires?

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That is definitely a choice.

Both Basal-IQ and Control-IQ are easily turned off as well as easily turned back on.

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Medicare has indicated G6 is approved, but Dexcom is not shipping to Medicare patients until later this year. But its possible your case would be exception, due to integration with pump. Suggest you check with your HC provider and Dexcom to confirm.

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Medicare has approved to cover the G6 but Dexcom is still unable to meet reliable production needs for Medicare patients so in the meantime Dexcom is shipping the G5 until they have worked out their technical and production bugs with the G6 and then will start shipping G6 out to medicare patients as the patient’s G5 transmitters expire. Current expectation is for that to happen 4th quarter of this year,

Trust me, you will not mind a bit when it stops your basal during an over night low. You can control the parameters, and opt in it out of the control iq. Like the G5, you can “restart” the G6 foe extended wear without calabrations or fingersticks. I was hesitant, have had Medtronic and animas vibe. Love it.

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I am presently using the Dex 5 with my new Tandem x2 slim with basal iq.

Not if you are on Medicare. I am using Dex 5 with new Tandem x2 pump and waiting for my G6. I’m told I will have it in May.

In the USA, there are a few sets of software available for the X2 depending on when it was purchased and whether or not an update was installed.

In any event and across all the X2 software option choices in the USA, it is not possible to run the G5 integrated with the X2 while the X2 also has the Basal-IQ algorithm installed.

I certainly may have misunderstood the exact meaning of your post.

Yes, you are right. . .the G5 is not “integrated” with my Tandem x2. I should have made that clear. It runs independently from the pump.


Welcome to the community @Patty22, Thank you for joining the conversation.

I’ll join those recommending the Tandem X2. I switched when Animas went belly up.

The user interface is clean, well organized and easy to use. The bright touch screen is easy to see in the dark and the type face is large enough to read even when I don’t have my glasses available.

The pumping mechanism is novel. Basal delivery is slower and it really appreciate that. I often had problems with stinging at the infusion site with even the slowest delivery speeds on my previous pumps. The pump head is replaced with each reservoir so I don’t need to worry about the relatively complex pumping mechanism fouling or requiring maintenance.

Customer service and technical support are great.

The only minor downsides in my book are the reservoir filling process (a bit complex) and the insulin volume estimates (very crude when at higher volumes with increasing resolution as the volume decreases).

I haven’t used G6 integration and Basal IQ yet, but will be trying it shortly. If I don’t like it I just won’t use it. But I’ll still be happy knowing I have what in my opinion is the most innovative and easy to use pump I’ve seen.


I am thoroughly disappointed in the Medtronic 670g. I have 3 year more in warranty and then I jump the Medtronic ship.


Tandem had a deal, but expired now. But maybe give them a call to check for options.


I’m a new Type I diabetic and I started on Tandem t:slim 2 with Dexcom G6. I use the Basal IQ 24/7 and especially at night. I have only used it for two and a half months now. What I have noticed is that I have fewer lows. I was either in the 40’s or pushing the 400’s. Rarely anything else.
The basal IQ will cut off and won’t deliver if you are running low. If you are ready to exercise you can cut back on the basal IQ or turn it off to play it safe. There is little danger of you bottoming out and harming yourself unless you don’t set up the pump correctly. You can set multiple modes of operation to meet your needs and activities. The pump beeps, vibrates and cuts insulin off if you are heading down too quickly. In addition, your phone or receiver will do the same thing. I am awakened at night and have also come to learn when I am headed south too quickly and when sensing this is happening I look at my pump or phone and take care of it immediately. The pump can get wet, there are 3 types of infusion sets and it can be updated online. I went from being 7% of the time in my target range to 87% in 2 weeks. Les than 1% lows and 17% highs (over 200). I can’t say what my A1C will be yet. I get that checked May 1st.
I am 64 years old. Before I went to the pump I checked to see if insurance would cover me. Medicare will cover the items and supplies for the pump and management of diabetes T1! I currently have. Lue Cross Blue Shield Highmark and am covered at 90%. I am a critical care nurse and could not manage my diabetes without the pump. I wear one to work in the ICU and no one notices if my alarms go off because there are so many others going off. I could not have returned to work without the pump because my brain was too foggy with the high and low blood sugars. One round of euglycemic ketoacidosis was enough for me!

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I’m sorry you got taken in by Medtronic, Bob. I had a demo of it a few months back, along with the X2. I’ve opted for the X2 but am waiting for Control IQ to be released/blessed by Medicare. Tandem folks told me to wait on getting the pump due to a POSSIBLE issue with getting Control IQ after purchase, due to a weird contractual issue. They aren’t even sure that Medicare users may be denied the upgrade, but they said there is a chance. So I’m still using my out-of-warranty 530G which works fine–just no connection to Dexcom sensors.

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