Who Is Your Favorite TuDiabetes Member?

my choice for favorite would have to be Chad . He told me about this Amazing web-site.And is dedicated person in his community in jdrf. Also rode 105 miles 5 times in Death Valley. And my last reason is because he was there when i was first dx and will be there when i start pumping day or night. Thanka a bunch Chad you rock. words cannot express my aprecition and gratitude . god bless melissa

I have to vote for Daena. She was very welcoming when I first joined the site. I also have to mention that my immediate first thought was to vote for you, manny since you are the awesome person who started this great site. You should give yourself some wonderful prize for that!

Oooh I can’t decide, if I could vote for two it would definitley be Doris Ann and Jenny.

Definitely Penny, who started the parents of kids with type 1 group. Great group, great person, great blog, she is an inspiration!! Thanks Penny!!! :slight_smile:

Kerri Morrone is inspiring. I love her website and sharing her journey.

My vote goes to Amylia & Judith-if it weren’t for Amylia I never would have found out about this great site, and her comments and writing are so inspiring-she also has a link to this site on her blog and myspace page-always informing the masses!! And if it weren’t for Judith, I wouldn’t check the site nearly as much as I do-her quick wit, humor and knowledge always bring smiles and laughter into my day. Thanks to you both!

Here is my nomination list since i cannot decide on just one!

Penny Harris: Penny is very creative. She is the leader of my local diabetes support group, and after I convinced her to join TuDiabetes, she created the Statesboro, GA group as a way to communicate with the other members of our local support group.

Kerri Morrone: She hired me to write a monthly article for the dLife website and she has done so much for the diabetes community.

Kathy in Minnesota: There is just some thing so special about her smile. She just radiates warmness and kindness.

Doris-Ann Dickerson: She is so friendly and supportive. I just wish she would stop hiding behind others so that I can see what she looks like!

Absolutely Doris Ann and Robert. Doris Ann because she’s a no-nonsense, straight shootin’, tell-it-like-it-is lady. I have a feeling if we were all at a party she’d really be working the room and talking to every single person. Robert, because of his honesty and compassion - probably gained from a near lifetime of diabetes and it’s complications.

I vote for Amylia because she’s AWESOME. She’s a warrior in my book and always trying to push herself further in bettering herself as a diabetic and as a person.

Also Jeff, he has welcomed everyone on their profile it seems! Such a friendly and supportive guy!

Thanks Manny!

I pick allie beatty

any parent of child with Type 1,

Thank you Tracy. That is very sweet.

I vote for Toni Crebbin!

my favorite member is diedre because she makes me laghph so much. what she doese to make me feel special is she’s always wise with the most preciouse advise.

My 1st choice would be JOE!! My 2nd choice would be DORIS(whom I’m
beginning to think, JOE has locked up somewhere…???) :smiley: j/k

that was Bernard who came up with that, i thought.

i vote for Amylia Grace and Beth(In Search of Balance) for these reasons:

Amylia because she is real and warm and kind and inviting and my inspiration.

Beth because she is creative and caring and it was her hand that i saw that made me want to join.

hi, I have got to know loren… she is a wonder ful person… she has a wonderful face page… it makes you smile and feel good when you visit it…like you want to go it every day to say hi. Just to listen to her music and to see her wonder ful pictures… she is a pleasure to talk to and chat with…

I vote for Steve RRR. He is always kind and supportive,. He has been through a great deal, but you see him show up on a lot of different sites Everytime he is logged on he has something supportive or welcoming to say. Each of us understands how difficult diabetes is to get through each day. But every time he posts, I feel a smile from him in his kind and understanding way.

I agree with Robert, I really admire Ronda as well, she is a great mom and my heart breaks every time a little one is diagnosed.