Why can't I get my Freestyle Lite meter to upload data for me anywhere?

Hello everyone,

I recently got a Freestyle Lite meter. I have tried uploading it’s data to Tandem so that it is with my pump data, to diasend so that it is with my pump and CGM data, and to Abbot’s Freestyle Lite data uploading software options FreeStyle CoPilot Health Management System and LibreView Data Management System https://pat.libreview.com/ . I have tried doing all of these options on both a Windows 7 PC and a Windows 10 PC. I am using a 2.5 mm male jack - male USB cable.

Thanks for any help!

I download my Freestyle meters to Diasend with no problems. I have to use the cable that I purchased for FS meters and it only works with Windows. I can download all of my other devices on my Mac computer, but not the Freeestyle.

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Thanks Laddie! I was afraid it had to do with the cable. That cable costs so much money. It seems pretty evil to me after all the money they get on strips. It should be free!

Anyway … I see it on their online shopping site for about $60. Were you – or anyone else – able to find a deal for the cable anywhere?

I’ve had my cable for a long time and think I got it for free because I was participating in some study that used Freestyle meters. It’s outrageous that it would cost $60 especially since it is an old-style type of cord if it is the same one I have. And you’re right. Given the amount of money for strips, the cord should free.

I wonder if my Mac incompatibility with the cable is really a Diasend Mac issue, because I can use that cable on my Mac to hook up with a Freestyle program that I have no interest in. I once called Freestyle to see if there was a newer cable and I didn’t get much help. Because I have a Windows computer, I just ignore the problem.

I found a cable through an online search that works fine & was about $25. Still too much, but better than Abbott’s price. You might try Amazon.