Why is it?

I can hear my fathers pump from another room (sometimes a different floor even), but he can’t hear it attached to his body?!

Post any other funny/ironic things about D…

Does this sound like me ( a response from a seventy year person and hearing to go with it ) ??..I have pumpers and others say : you are beeping !! Eventually I caught on and set my pump on FIBRATE ( correct sp??) …I am happy , they are happy :slight_smile:

What did you say? Personally, I know what my problem is, my own loss of hearing. And the thing that really upsets my wife, it seems “selective.” You know, when you have to listen to a sound all the time, you can just tune it out. In some cases, this can help you, in other cases, this can result in being in the “dog house.”

Why is it that your low reservoir warning pops up just before dinner?