Winter comfort foods

Looking for a recipe idea for some winter comfort food. Thanks,Nancy

Shepherds pie with cauliflower mash.

Thanks,good idea. I also like vegetable chicken soup,no potatoes or noodles. Nancy

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Another goodie is moussaka.

How about homemade soup? I don’t have a recipe because I don’t make it :joy_cat: but it sounds good. And you can make it without added sugar, salt, pepper and preservatives etc.

Chicken Pot Pie

Everything must be of small enough size that it readily cooks inside the pie.

1 chicken breast, cut into spoon-sized pieces
3 carrots, sliced into small dice sized cubes
1 can of English Peas
8 mushrooms, sliced
Some cooks add diced potatoes. I do not.

Make a sauce by melting flour and butter together, add chicken bouillon and whole cream. This sauce should be of medium thickness.

Make a crust, or use store bought dough. I have heard of some cooks pull apart several biscuits from a can, to use as a kind of crust. I think a freshly made dough and an egg wash is most attractive.

Oven set to 400 degrees F
Wait till the crust is done.
Eat with a spoon.

Thank you ,making soup tonight. Nancy

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