Xdrip+ options and functionality


So I just started using Xdrip+ on my Android phone with my Dexcom G5. I was wondering if any of you folks who have been using the app for a while have any advice to improve the experience. The documentation I’ve seen online is very limited or I’m just not finding it. A few questions:

  1. Is there a way to change how insulin on board is calculated? The default I believe is 3 hrs. I know that’s not how it works for me. There is an option under Settings>Xdrip Pred Simulation>Low Level pred values. But that is only for low level prediction. It doesn’t seem to affect display on the graph or the IoB displayed.

  2. Is there a way to change which predictive lines are displayed?

I appreciate any help. Thanks

I have not used Xdrip but I know there are other members who have commented about it.
I want to tag @Thas, @Jim26, and @Dave26 and hope one or more of them can weigh in on your questions.

You may also want to read this 2016 thread about Xdrip.

It is controlled in xdrip by going to “Settings” and then “xdrip predictive Simulations Settings”. Quit a few options you can tweek to personalize the settings for you.