Greek Yogurt

I FINALLY tried Greek yogurt for the first time last week and love it! I’ve only tried the Athenos brand and have a couple different ones at home I’m going to try, but I’d like to know what brands everyone else enjoys that are also good for diabetics. Ready? Go!

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I found Greek yogurt about 5 years ago whe a Trader Joes opened up near us. The Trader Joes brand is the cheapest by far. I have also used the Chiobani brand and the Fage brand. I think the TJ’s is the lowest carb 7 per cup. I do have to be careful with it, though. I only eat 1/2 cup at a time or less because it does spike me even though it is low carb. I like to keep my bgs fairly tight and I am only on oral meds.

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Fage. You need to get some Fage.

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My favorite is the Chobani Champions that I get at Costco. Yes, it’s made for kids, and no, I am not too proud to buy it for myself. It comes in honey banana (which I preferrably find more paletable than honey vanilla, yuck) and very berry. Be careful when buying other brands because I’ve noticed recently that they are starting to put “fruit” in the bottom, maybe to make it taste better to people who are used to…eating fake fruit with a lot of added sugar? If you get one with fruit in the bottom, it’s really just jelly-like stuff with a lot of added sugar, so watch out!

Chiobani and Fage. Fage is my favorite. For me it’s all about the consistency.

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My supermarket only has tiny expensive containers & I love Greek yogurt, so I make my own. So easy. Get a large container of any plain yogurt you like. Dump contents into a large mesh strainer, put strainer over a bowl & refigerate. The liquid drips out & you’re left with yummy rich Greek yogurt.

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Trader Joe’s, Chiobani, The Greek Gods, and there’s another one but I can’t remember it now. I eat it twice a day! The plain kind with zero fat, naturally.

For real? That’s awesome! How long do you refrigerate for?

I get the Chiobani at Costco. 9g per cup as opposed to TJs 7g per cup, but way cheaper. Love it with some berries and sometimes a little sweetener.

Really! About 48 hours in the fridge. Faster (about half the time) at room temp, if the room is not too warm to spoil it. You’ll end up with about half the yogurt you start with. Of course, the better quality yogurt you use the better it will be. I use a fine mesh strainer, but if you don’t have one just line any strainer with cheesecloth & make sure the strainer sits high enough above the bowl to drain. I don’t use low fat yogurt. The higher the fat, the less carbs it has.

I am definitely going to have try everyone’s suggestions. :slight_smile: The only one I can’t is Trader Joe’s! I’m so jealous of everyone that has a Trader Joe’s near them! I live in Orlando and we don’t have them here. When my husband and I lived in Chicago we’d go there all the time. I know, a little off topic, but you guys are so lucky!

Actually, I sometimes make my own yogurt from scratch. You can even make it from full cream although it comes out better with half cream/half milk. I believe there are two keys to Greek yogurt, full fermentation and the strain. The full fermentation (10-12 hours) converts all/most of the milk sugar to lactic acid, leaving the yogurt virtually carb free. The straining makes it thicker. If you don’t have cheesecloth, I also use a paper towel.

I like chobani, I buy the fat free plain and add my own fruit. I also use it instead of mayo for salads.

+1 for the Fage. But it’s pretty expensive in my neck of the woods so I usually get Chobani or Dannon.

Yeah. I think I remember seeing Fage at Publix and it was definitely the most expensive there. Maybe if I can catch it on sale or find some coupons… :wink:

I try to find them in the “discounted because I’m about to expire” bin in our grocery store :slight_smile:

+1 vanilla chobani

I like Fage Greek yogurt. I buy it at Costco for $5.79 for a 1000 gram container - about 35 ounces. It’s a great night time snack when my blood sugar is slowly trending lower and I want to take some carbs but also need some longer acting protein to get me through the night.

If I need a few extra carbs, I drip honey onto the yogurt serving. Yum!

I’ve also heard, but have yet to try, that mixing in frozen blueberries produces a delicious sort of “ice cream.”

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So now for everyone that likes Fage, I was checking out their website and saw that they have several different types…0%, 2%, regular. What do you choose out of that?

Regular for me.