2 am and not sleeping again...... off topic grumble

Second night in a row woken by extreme indigestion, and now running to the toilet… I think this was triggered by bread (gluten) eaten 2 days ago (yeah, I occasionally have binge eating - Not proud of that).

Took a double dose of sodium bicarbonate and finally nearly comfortable enough to lie down again… that’ll teach me to get off diet / out of control…

And I have work in a few hours. Tis going to be another very long day…


I would chase the bicarb down with a gin and diet tonic. I can really empathise, hope you did manage to get back to sleep.

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Hope you had a reasonably decent workday given your loss of sleep. I’ve found that I don’t always feel miserable after losing sleep and getting through the groggy start of the day. I try not to let my usual expectations that a poor night’s sleep will always ruin the day that follows. When I lose sleep one night I usually have no problem sleeping the next.

Gin and Soda for me. Sounds nice. Still upset tummy now so clear fluids would well be indicated… such as the latter…

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“There’s an old man sitting next to me . . . making love to his tonic and gin.”

Billy Joel, Piano Man


I’ve got a billy joel song book somewhere around… you just inspired me to dig it out and have a play on the piano…

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sodium bicarbonate (Baking soda) is the only thing that works for me and I get heartburn nearly every night too. After a cup full of cold water with 1 or 2 TBSP of baking soda stirred together I feel better for the rest of the night (after quite a few burps).

Baking soda is better than all other “remedies” I’ve found for heartburn.


And it’s super cheap and not bulky. I am a big fan of sodium bicarbonate now.

Since I started ketogenic diet though my indigestion generally is much better (except for the event posted about above).

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Drinking…drinking, could be not enough non caffeine fluid causing a little gastric disturbance? Alternating constipation with diarrhea? I’m Less than 50 carbs daily since July and find I have to add more water every month to keep the tummy woes at bay…

No constipation, cured that once I added more salt. 0 but yes, to intermittent diarrhoea. Will try drinking more…