Viva Las Vegas!: Diabetes Unconference March 13-15 2015

There was a flurry of activity about the Diabetes Unconference on FB yesterday so I figured I'd share the event here to chat about it. Are people interested in this here? I see Manny is involved according to the website and am always interested in getting together with folks. I haven't booked the trip yet as I have to coordinate this with family activities around Spring Break but a long weekend should be manageable for me.

It's very tempting

I have never heard of this conference. Does it travel around? Nancy

I think this is the first time they've done such a gathering. I went to some "after hours" parties at the ADA Scientific Conference in Chicago in 2013 and it was very interesting to meet bunches of my virtual buddies and also to make some new friends, many of whom I've stayed in touch with online since then. Vegas is certainly not free but, as far as destinations go, it's pretty reasonable to travel to and the hotel doesn't cost much for a weekend.

The Unconference shared on FB that the lower rate for the conference ends tomorrow, not a huge discount $20, $139 vs. $159 but hey, that's more nickels to throw in the slot machines!

I read a bit more about it and it seems they are proposing to facilitate IRL D-connections by banning WiFi during the meetings? March 03/13/15-03/15/15 I'm playing with travel sites to see what sort of other deals there are...

I haven't looked at it, but assuming it has interesting presentations I would definitely go. I have Spring Break off and Las Vegas is really cheap for me to get to!

I agree, things have fallen into place for me (junior going to Spain...) so I signed up tonight. Except for the hotel. I'm sort of on the fence about the Flamingo as one of my buddies stayed there and had a great time with her friends but said it was like a frat party. Part of me likes that sort of thing but last time, we stayed at the Cosmo and I really liked chilling at the pool there, to recover during the day, super chill...still, if there's *an event*, when in Rome, oh wait, Ceasar's Palace is across the street...

The one time I've been to Vegas I stayed at the Flamingo and it was fine... But obviously I have nothing else to compare it to.

I read about it awhile ago and Natalie and I joked about staying together. Travel is hard for me, but it sounds like a winner to me----for one thing, any event that is affordable to get to and includes our beloved Founder, I'm interested in. My daughter has occasionally recommended Las Vegas for a getaway (they are in Santa Cruz CA)because apparently lodging is cheap as they expect you to spend money on gambling, etc.......Anyway, I'm keeping an eye on it, too, but thanks much for the reminder. Sometimes my brain is a sieve!

Also, if it's a washout except for Manny---the permanent Cirque de Soleil is there. I could see them a bunch and feel like it was a worthwhile trip!.....It would also be fun to have a strong showing from TuD there to whoop it up when Manny is doing his amazing "thing"!......Blessings all, as ever.....Judith

Cool! Thanks for the review Jen!! I've booked it!

I have signed up and am planning to go. It isn't totally real until I book the flight but if anyone does attend please look for me. I'll either be the guy with the big mustache or the one that looks like Alfred E. Neuman.

there were some scholarships available for this, not sure of the status

The scholarships have been awarded. They seem to be announcing things periodically, every month or so, on their FB page, which is where I’ve learned about and received updates.

I thought I'd bump this thread, the UnConference is still out there. They have a FB page but there's some events posted too, a Tandem event Friday and some giant ferris wheel thing on Saturday sponsored by Dexcom, that looks terrifying, but has free drinks or something so how can we pass that up? Hmmmm....I figured I'd bump the thread to see if anyone else can become interested!

Hmmm, I'm officially intrigued. I've been mulling recently how few actual folks with D I've ever met in my life, and how nice it would be to engage, in person, with more. And schedule wise I think I can make this happen, notwithstanding a pretty intense spring travel schedule. Still not 100 percent decided, but definitely leaning toward biting the bullet...

I signed up a few weeks ago. I'd like to meet more D-people in the real world. Since the participants set the agenda, I wonder what people will choose to focus on. I feel like my interests are usually on the margin, but I might be surprised. In any case, I have flight, hotel, and conference reservations. Vegas is the last place I'd plan to visit otherwise!

I have stayed at the Flamingo as well, it was okay. Stayed there as part of the package to see Donnie and Marie, there I said it.

Who is our "beloved Founder"? I'm new to the cult...

Manny Hernandez

Great Terry! It will be fun to see you again!