A1C A La Carte

More of a question. Anybody know how to book only a A1C blood test?

For us, any testing requires a physician order as a first step.

Which usually is as simple as asking the physician (via email even) to provide said order.

You can ask the endo to write it out for you on the lab form, but the home tests are reasonably accurate, very easy, and are only about $30-$40 for 2 tests. It takes only 5 minutes. I do those all the time, and they are close to the lab results.

Walmart and CVS sell them, or you can get them on Amazon.


Actually in the US the A1c test does not require a physician’s order. By law, these classes of test are not “controlled.” It is true that some companies (by internal policy) refuse test orders from the public and you won’t get insurance reimbursement for a test not ordered by a physician. You can however order your own A1c over the internet and you can get your own little A1c tests kit such as the @Eric2 recommends.



Point taken.
I should have been more explicit.

For us, any testing “which we want to be covered by our insurance policy” requires a physician order as a first step.

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My experience with Walmart’s A1c test kit per @Eric2’s comment above corresponds favorably to my lab’s A1c values. @Brian_BSC, it’s useful to know that some lab tests do not need a doctor’s order; I didn’t know that.

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I order online. Google online lab tests. I’ve saved quite a lot ordering my own. Theyre much less than my coinsurance.


I tried an OTC home test kit 2 or 3 times. They were INACCURATE. What’s the point of an A1c test that is inaccurate? LOL. All my lab tests cost me nothing so there’s zero need to do an OTC test. I get A1c done every 90 days at a lab.

I generally get mine from my endo twice a year which is covered by insurance. In between, I order online either bundled with other tests (e.g., full blood panel) or standalone. The cost is $31 for the standalone HbA1c and is performed at LabCorp. Here’s a link to where I order mine:
I don’t know what the pricing is from other vendors but LEF has always had fairly decent pricing (normally half the price of LabCorp’s list price).

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Called today, I can visit lab any day A1c was ordered. Will probably go in around 17th.

In the US, you can order an A1C at Walk In Lab. Pay the fee, print out the lab order and take it to the lab you chose when ordering. The lab will draw your blood and run the tests. In a couple of days, they will email your results. The whole process takes a few minutes to set up.

The A1C was cheaper than my insurance as well. Insurance would be $75 office visit plus a $40 lab copayment. I paid $26 through Walk In Lab.

My dr ordered one for me. I will report statistics shortly. Hope to have it this week.


OK yesterday was my big day. I will begin new employment tomorrow and went yesterday to get my a1c. Cost 32.00 after my dismal 10.2 in august that began my new (re-adjustment) diet/lifestyle/suspension of denial I had a 7.0. My goal is not to let myself slip again into the mess I was prior to August 22nd. I also want to thank my doctor for his style of care that helped me to see the light before it was too late. Next test Feb of 18 hoping to be under 6. Please understand my new work schedule if I do not post as much!