Almost reduced to tears by Dexcom Service

Please forgive my rant. I have been trying to get a new Dexcom G4 transmitter for the past two plus weeks. Since November 16 all my approvals have been in place and I placed on online order on November 18 since no one ever called me back (as promised) when the approvals were in place to create the order. I have called customer service every day - three times today as one call was dropped - and each time everyone looks at the paperwork and tells me I’m good to go but nothing ever goes. Dexcom “quality control” was the problem for a few days, This evening I was told there was a mistake in the old order so one rep cancelled it and then dropped the call. This last call the rep went over all of the paperwork again and created an expedited order. I would guess that I have a 50% chance - or less - of having this processed so that I receive the transmitter by Monday.

No one is willing to pass a call to a supervisor. Everyone has to check whether I’ve changed my health insurance and doctor in the last 24 hours. Everyone is nice and no one can get anything done.

I almost never get so frustrated at customer service that I shout into the phone. Dexcom broke me today.

I just purchased a Tandem pump and would like to eventually use Basal IQ. If that wasn’t the case, I would switch to the Libre in a heartbeat.



Maurie, I believe there is some sort of upheaval going on with Dexcom at this moment. I was told by another user that Dexcom has sold their supply business. Don’t know whether that is really true.

I just got my Dex g6 for the Tandem x2 with Basal IQ. Got it going myself, but can’t say without a hitch. Nothing serious however. My Dex g6 and both Tandem as well as Dex supplies have to go through CCS, a medical supply company. It took some cage rattling but it all finally fell into place.

On the basis of my 24 hour experience with the working Basal IQ system and my first experience with a CGM, I can say that I am very satisfied with the results I am getting. I do hope you will be as well.

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They wont send you a G4. You can get a G6. Maybe thats the hangup in the paperwork

They won’t allow me to go on a G6 until the end of the year - I already asked - and I am still using a Vibe with a G-4. They are happy to send me sensors for the G-4 and I’m sitting a few months worth to carry me through until I can get a G-6. You may be right but in that case they are even more messed up than I thought!

I just wonder if they even have any replacement G4 receivers. They haven’t been manufactured in so long. They have to send you something. It they don’t have any, then I think they have to upgrade you. You cant be left hanging for months.

Maurie, I had a slightly similar experience with Dex when I moved to the G6 immediately before becoming Medicare-eligible.

I have many pages of notes, names, dates, promises, etc. They finally came through, but I am actively looking for a better alternative ( haven’t found one yet).


It sure seems like Dexcom needs some competition. The Libre needs to up their game and supply a sensor with alerts and calibrations. The problem is the Libre wants to stay cheap, it has done well by them. But Dexcom needs a competitor.


Maurie - Your frustration is completely understandable. It’s horrible that the bureaucracy doesn’t respond to what you need.

I’m still using the G4 system, too. Have you considered replacing the battery in a G4 transmitter that has had its battery depleted? There are people who do this for something like $60 or even for a couple of G4 sensors in trade. I know of one such service offered in a Facebook group called Designs and Replacement run by Amber Dymkowski, a T1D. It’s a private group that you’d need to join but it’s relatively easy.

There are many YouTube videos that show how people replace Dexcom transmitter batteries but I think you need a transmitter more quickly. I hope you can find a solution soon.


Maurie, I feel your pain. It’s almost as if Dexcom doesn’t want to sell its product. But, I have found a work-around: end the call, call back, and keep doing that until you get a CSR who (1) understands English, (2) is knowledgeable about the product, and (3) is willing to help. That has worked for me on at least two occasions. Good luck!


Hi Terry -

Alas I tossed the transmitter before I learned that one could replace the batteries. I have decided to become more philosophical (resigned) about this. I managed without a CGM for about 9 years with pretty fair success. I can get by without a GCM for six months if necessary and if it gets to be too much of a hassle I’ll get a prescription for a Libre from my endo and just go out of pocket until Dexcom finally either sends me a G4 or allows me to take the G6.

Dexcom has an email link to customer service on their site. I will be requesting a call from a manager and copying my original post. Maybe someone will be shamed into action.



I think i have old g5 transmitters if you want one. I have never changed the batteries… how can you do it?

there are quite a few ways folks explain grinding away at the plastic case to get at the batteries and how to install them, get them connected to the circuitry, and then how to waterproof the case. you MUST be a tinkerer with good skills to do that sort of thing.


Prolly not for me :joy_cat:

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There are also people that will do this for you, for a charge, in addition to you sending them the dead transmitter.


Give it a try - nothing to lose


You must have a huge amount of supplies to be able to keep using the Animas Vibe. J&J shut down well over a year ago and all support for the Animas pumps stopped in September-2019. Medtronic had been contracted to support those devices until then.

The G4 and the Vibe are very dated technology and I know the Dexcom still supports the G4, but you have no support for the Vibe.

I also had a Vibe and I elected to get the MedT 630G pump for free to run until my Medicare warranty on the pump runs out which is Feb-2021. Once it runs out I’m getting a Tandem X2.

I’ve been with Dexcom for 9 years and started with the System 7 and have gone through all their versions and am now in the process of transitioning to the G6. Once I get the Tandem X2 then I’ll be able to use Basal IQ which I’m looking forward to.

Best of luck with your older gear.

I’m also still using the G4. Next Feb., I start on Medicare and understand they only allow the G5 or G6. Since I’m almost at my maximum out-of-pocket medical expenses for this year on my HSA, I plan to order another G4 transmitter, receiver, and 12 more sensors (at very little cost to me). That should keep me supplied until next Spring by which time I hope I have everything in place for Medicare to start covering my new G5/G6 supplies. I hope I don’t run into problems (e.g., getting any required Dr. paperwork, Dexcom order delays, Byram order glitches, etc.) with my Dec. order (so I comply with all OK-to-reorder dates) as any delayed shipment into Jan. will start me over again on my HSA deductible for the new year meaning I’ll have to pay all those costs out-of-pocket.

I saw this and I just wanted to say how sorry I am for your issues with
Dexcom. Hope things improve for you. Nancy50

Thank you :slight_smile:

Dexcom finally shipped my G-4 yesterday and it was delivered by Fedex today - to the wrong address. The people there called Fedex and at some point it will be picked up and delivered to me. When you’re hot you’re hot! With any luck, I’ll be back in business by Monday.


FEDEX is the worst - the just drop off deliveries at random - they once left insulin marked do not freeze at the end of my 300 foot driveway knowing a blizzard and freezing temps were on the way - I saw it by luck. I refuse to order from anyone using fedex - not shocking that dex uses them - you get what you pay for - dex could care less if it ever arrives if they use fedex -