Any other information on the 670 G

I need to make a decision soon and I keep waffling between getting the new 670G pump and staying with 530 (getting a new one though) plus a Dexcom 5. I never used the enlites even though I had them. Just jumping from MDI to the pump the first year of diagnosis was a little overwhelming for me. I am now ready for a cgm. (Yes, I’m a slow study.) I have had pretty decent control with the 530. Last A1C was 6.1. I test ALOT though. I have read most of the posts on this site as well as others, but don’t want to miss something crucial. Here are my thoughts:

Plus for 670G:
My endo likes it and I trust her.
The guardian and its accuracy.
Suspend before low.
Waterproof capabilities (I love to swim)
Cutting edge technology
Does have a manual mode

Plus for Another 530 plus Dexcom 5:
Familiar territory with 530
Ease of sensor placement
Bluetoothing to mobile device ( I really would like this as I ride a bike)
Alarms for highs and lows
Proven track record for Dexcom 5

Minus for 670G
Negative reviews on the work involved for auto mode
Changing sensors difficulty which I have no experience with sensors
Sensor failure higher from what I have read

Minus for 530 plus dexcom:
Not waterproof
No suspend before lows

Please share your thoughts. Thank you so much.


I see another option for you. If your current 530 is still working well enough, you could continue with it and put off this decision for another year. The reason I say this is due to all the changes on the near time horizon. You can then see how things evolve. At worst, you may make the same decision that you’d otherwise make today, but then you’ll have a one year younger pump. Just a thought. Good luck with making your choice!

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Yes, I have read all of his posts. I appreciate his comments. Thank you for answering.

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How long does a pump usually last? This was my first pump and its warranty is coming up in April. I don’t want to be without a pump and was going to use my current one as a backup as I have an out of the country trip this summer. Thank you, Terry4 for answering. You have answered my in the past and it is largely due to your help with the whole protein and fat that I have come to enjoy a somewhat decent bg.

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pumps should last more than 4 years, easily. (Unless you aren’t talking about MM pumps, in which case I’ve no idea). I have pumps from the 1990’s (MM) which still work.

Wow! Thank you for this information.

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Keep the 530 and get an Abbott Labs Freestyle Libre

I had a MiniMed pump back in the '90’s that I used for 7 or 8 years. After the warranty runs out you probably won’t do any major repairs, but all in all they can be relatively rugged. The pump I’m using now is at least 12 years old. I have two back-ups.

I have thought about that, but I want an alarm. I have gotten in trouble at night. Thank you for taking the time to reply.

What do you mean by rugged?

You can get alarms sent to your smartphone if you buy this

something to consider -

this is a UK forum - google xdrip nightrider - same here as UK

seems like a big learning curve but not really

I’m thinking of the times that I’ve accidentally dropped my pump on the floor and it still works.

Hmmm. Something else to think about. Thank you.

I get that.

Diabetes Smart Home

Wow! I am nowhere near this tech savy. Thanks for posting.

On the 670 for nearly 9 months. If you had used the Enlites the 530 did do suspend before low. For me only the suspend on low, suspend before low prevents the scariest thing about T1D, Dead in bed.
So, since the Dexcom can’t do suspend on low unless you bought an older pump and wanted to do your own closed loop, I highly recommend the 670. Even in Manual Mode it does suspend on low and suspend before low, which is worth any learning curve.

Decision made. I’m getting a Dexcom and getting another Medtronic 530. The 530 is familiar and I have had pretty good success with it. No enlites though. The Dexcom will be new to me as I have never used a CGM, even the enlites that came with the pump. I guess I am a slow study.

Thank you to all that took the time to respond. I appreciate it very much.

Is it possible to still buy a new MM 5xx pump from Medtronic? I’ve got a 551 and have zero desire to get a 6xx model when mine breaks down.

The more troubling differences are the many extra button pushes, frustration, and time wasted, getting the 6xx to do things.