Apple cider vinegar and chromium anyone?

I just bought my daughter a bottle apple cider vinegar capsules and they also contain chromium. Has anyone ever tried this and noticed a difference in their numbers? Research says a lot of mixed things about the two.

I don’t know about the apple cider vinegar capsules but I used ACV to quell chronic heartburn and get off of Prevacid. It turns out, my stomach does not produce enough stomach acid and the ACV helps. I don’t know about chromium supplementation. Good luck.


Several years ago I tried taking daily chromium tablets; however, after six months there was no signs it was helping with my numbers.

Sometimes I have taken cider vinegar, a tablespoon or two in the same amount of water, before a rapid-carb breakfast like waffles or pancakes with maple syrup, and my peak has been a lot lower than the same breakfast without the vinegar. This is observational only, not a scientific experiment by any means, and all kinds of variables are different, such as starting BG, but it’s a consistent enough effect. Can’t speak to capsules or the chromium.

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I like chromium. I quit taking it for a week and my bg was less stable. So, I keep taking it and it seems to help me. :slight_smile: Everyone is different.

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Both apple Cider Vinegar and Chromium I thing are good for a diabetes patient accept for their combination that I don’t know. if you are not sure of how they will react I advise go for either apple cider or chromium only, just as sheepdongs said “everyone is different”.

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I have a similar response to apple cider vinegar. I use German mustard which contains ACV as its first ingredient, on German rye bread and have observed the peak is not as pronounced as would be without the mustard. I’ve tried the mustard on a Carr’s cracker, too, something I would not typically eat, but with the mustard, I have no spike.

Which chromium? Please clarify. If you have a photo or a link of the one that you take, please share. Thank you so much.

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@Don1942 My guess it is because you are taking too small an amount like 200 mcg. I tend these days to use 2 of the 500 mcg tablet a day as I take one 500 mcg tablet with each of two salads and my carbs are the veggies. If I forget I can see the difference. My control is better with the chromium and I do not need much insulin. I have used chromium since 1986.

I do use apple cider vinegar in my yogurt which is the type of salad dressing I make with some other DHA oils in it as well. I do that to avoid the salad dressing that have too much salt in them and other additives.