Can't log into Dexcom Clarity

Typically for OUS you would find it using:

Just tried uploading to Dexcom again and the upload appeared to work but the ensuing “processing of the data” failed. It’s moving in the right direction.

Weird. The app works flawlessly

Now I’m getting this message:

clarity is working for me. it is 8AM Pacific.
there is scheduled maintenance for Aug 23 between 5:30PM and 6:30PM PDT which is tomorrow.

Clarity is now working for me, too.

They are having some issues, my son told me he got a message saying that someone changed his Dexcom password. We have been loosing data on the Follow app intermittently since earlier today.


It’s funny, I did get a notice in-App that the Clarity was going to be unavailable due to standard maintenance but the date given was still a day or so hence and the time was the usual 2-3am sort of thing. Doesn’t seem like it should be related but…

I think we get so attached, and dependent, on our technologies because they are really nice when they work well that we often tend to lull ourselves into a false sense of complacency. The question should never be if my technology goes offline but when my technology goes offline what is my backup plan.

Some will argue, just blame the manufacturer or supplier but that is not a solution and could be deadly for a diabetic. This should be a wake-up call to all of us diabetics that use technologies, that it is only a matter of time before there is an “outage” either caused on our own equipment, or somewhere between our equipment and a server.

Technologies including credit reporting bureaus get hacked, airline reservations go down, airports lose power etc. There are so many integral parts between the user and the provider of modern technologies that it is imperative we are prepared for one or more outages.

Wake up, if you have not already, and make a backup plan now.

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My account is the same as yours Jim, the european accounts (it’s like the commonwealth, as Canada and Australia both use them) There are different accounts for the American and Eurpoean servers for anyone who doesn’t know.

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Use xdrip+ it doesnt use a server, it’s all local?


Completely agree.

I was never able to get xdrip+ to work on my Android phone. Does anyone have xdrip+ working on an HTC U12+?

I had a brief dropout of follow and Sugarmate data at around 11pm last night (UTC + 1000). It has been up since then, but Sugarmate is showing some wonky data on the time axis with some data points squashed up together like they are only a minute apart (BGL values are the same as follow app).

I was pleased to see that my Loop/Apple Health/Nightscout/Tidepool data ecosystem worked nicely during this Dexcom outage. Loop is designed to work “off-line” and doesn’t need wifi or cell service to continue its function.

Nightscout provides an alternative path for remote data viewing that parents can depend on to see their child’s BG data even if Dexcom Share is down.


has anyone else gotten this Dexcom error one on their phone reading “Someone changed your Dexcom account password…”?
I called Dexcom and it was after hours so I got nothing from them. I proceeded to successfully update and change my password at and all was well for about 12 hours. Now I’m getting this same message again this morning. I’m on hold with Dexcom now, have yet to reach a human. Fortunately, if I cancel past the phone alerts, the phone app appears to be working and loop is getting data.

OK Dexcom says to ignore it and just cancel past it. It’s an issue on their end and the password error message is a red herring. No password issues. They confirmed that this is affecting a lot of users.

They were performing an update to their servers earlier this morning.