Cottage Cheese?!

in australia it comes in an added pineapple variety

Oooh, I hadn’t thought of having it for breakfast! So far, it’s just been as a snack/inbetween meals. I’m trying to slowly step away from/decrease my carb intake, so this might mix things up a bit when I get sick of eating eggs and am reaching for the cereal! The cinnamon sounds good too! I cant get enough of the stuff : D Who knew it could be so versatile… well, not me! Thanks for your helpful suggestions : )

Yes, thanks everyone for some great ideas. Hopefully, I wont get too bored of cottage cheese, with all these suggestions! (Keep them coming!)
I’ve been getting the 4.5% fat one, mainly because it’s the only one I could find in my local store! (I’m living in Denmark, so it’s also all in Danish! Just adds to my fun! Try finding flaxseed meal haha)

This might sound silly, but does curd size matter? And how can you tell whether it’s large or small? Maybe it usually says clearly on the pot, but I’m not so great with the Danish just yet : P

ICottage Cheese is" the bomb" 'with cooked cranberries, I use mandarin oranges with the cranberries as well. mixed in with splenda :so good!!!

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The curd size doesn’t matter, all cottage cheese that I have seen has 5 grms of carbs/1/2 cup.

I love my cottage cheese for breakfast. Half of a cup mixed with a TBL of Splenda and Tsp of cinnamon spread on a slice of oatnut bread and then placed under the broiler until bubbly toasted. (yes, I prefer the large curd.)

Depending how your body processes fruit sugars(everybody is different) try some fruit with it. I will have 1/2 cup 4% small curd with 1/2 banana or 1/4 cup pineapple and 1Tblsp. chopped nuts, for me this is a very good afternoon pick-me-up snack. .

Love the Cucumber idea mentioned earlier… I also saw scallions YUM! I eat it often with salt and pepper on it. With dill pickles on the side. This makes a great meal for me. Easy too! Thanks for the extra ideas!

Anecdote: Turns out, cottage cheese is considered a vegetable in some parts of the world. I once had dinner outside of Phoenx, Az at thiswonderful place at the base of the San Tan mountains. I asked if I could substitute a vegetable for the potato and they said “sure” we have cottage cheese. The brought me a huge bowl of about 2 cups of cottage cheese as my veggie.

Although I have recently read of the bad things of cottage cheese for your diet, non -diabetically speaking, I love it as a protein and dairy source. I cut up vegies and use it like a dip…add some spices that you like and it’s really like sour cream. I blend it iin my blender, add chives and vegies and it is like a dip. For fruit, I’d add some sweetner or a low amt. of sugar and cinnamon, vanilla and then you can have a dip or fruit additive. I also use the 24 oz size, add sugar free jello to it and make a dessert for myself…OMG is that good. Also, if you don’t want that much, take 1/2 c of cottage cheese and add 1 tsp sf jello and its a single serving. I have a friend who drains the water out of it, and smears it on her whole grain toast in the am with a little cinnamon…she says it’s great! enjoy!!!

Thanks for the Phoenix shoutout! I’m going to have to try that place.

OH my Gosh , has anyone tried COTTAGE CHEESE, GREEN JELL-O powder… (sugarfree) AND …well, a bit of lowfat whipped cream (i don´t know if sugarless) …and sugar free fruit cocktail!!! A GREEN DREAM OF FLAVOR AND GOODNESS!! a party this xmas season …I WAS well worth force fed this AND LOVED IT!!..THANK YOU AUNTY!!.

i love cottage cheese too. it was a staple in my diet for so long. but most low carb diets say to avoid it, how come?!

That is really news to me. I think cottage cheese is a core food for low carb diets. Don’t you believe that misinformation for a minute. Eat that cottage cheese. Be the cottage cheese. You are of course what you eat.

I’m officially nominating bsc as the national spokesperson for cottage cheese

“All the fun of camping out…without having to sleep on the ground” sounds like my kind of place. Wish Phoenix was a little closer

I would, but when I saw that I would have to wear the cottage cheese hat, I had to decline.

I second him, perhaps he will show us the Indian pickles too.
btw, Costco has a great deal on the Breakstone 2% CC which is my favorite

It’s great whipped with strawberries if you can’t have the pineapple.

Ok, you are trying to “egg” me on. The Costco tub is like 3 lbs. Would you think less of me if I told you I have bought the tub and eaten it myself before it expired? I’ve also seen 5lb tubs at Costco.

Did I mention that the official hat is made from real cottage cheese?