Does anyone LIKE Chores?

Just trying to give all the non-D peeps something to relate to…

Think of a chore – a monotonous, thankless chore that is your childs’ responsibility to complete

For instance – folding the laundry.

  • Trying to get them to embrace the laundry like it isn’t such a terrible, bad thing.
  • Trying to teach them how to do it properly without hovering or nagging them to do it.
  • Trying to teach them to WANT to do it and do a good job because it matters.

NOW – think about them needing to do that chore multiple times a day.


This can relate to checking blood sugar, counting carbs and dosing insulin.. Something that needs to be done out of necessity and becomes meshed into your daily routine….


  • It also becomes a CHORE for your child.
  • A CHORE that we try not to nag them to do.
  • A CHORE that if they don’t do can have immediate or long term health consequences.
  • A CHORE that requires important decisions and can be life threatening

A CHORE that is not actually done – you are not done

- you are NEVER going to be done

image found on Pinterest

image found on Pinterest

Type 1 Diabetes requires discipline -

a series of chores that need to be completed -

whether you feel like it or not.

To stay safe, healthy and ALIVE.

Next time you do a chore that you don’t like doing…

or nag your child to complete a chore that they don’t want to do.

Next time you procrastinate and decide – oh, I’ll just to it later… because you can

Think of us…

Think of Eden and all other Type 1 Diabetics that need to do countless chores because they HAVE TO…

Understand WHY it can get exhausting and draining knowing that the chores need to be done FOREVER..

WHY we deserve to be FREE from the monotony of finger pricks, insulin, carb counting, ketones, highs, lows and feeling misunderstood.


Wow! Powerful. We have to, forever.

When you meet this formidable foe, day-in day-out and give no quarter, you can take pride in defeating a relentless adversary, if only for the time-being.

Stand a little taller and know you do what few can. That feeling drives me forward.