HappyNew Year, New goals

Happy New Year! I know a few hours early ,lol. I have given much thought to a few goals. I want to do more mindful eating, document my daily information, also reach out to my senators to allow Medicare Type 2’s on long acting insulin to use a Libre. After approximately 37,670 finger sticks we should not be denied the use of this technology. Just had a wonderful rib eye, onions and sweet potato. Will be in bed by 10👍🏻. Nancy50


As a society, we can’t afford to do otherwise. Happy New Year!

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Nancy50. Nice post, but was the sweet potato worth it.
Sorry I would settle for the ribey onions and a salad no dressing.

You did not say that what you ate was ok and did not terribly spike you BG.
If you posted the same and said my bg maxed at 130, Ok not so bad.
Are you saying that one should go out and eat sweet potatoes. You can eat what you want. OK with me but is that mindful eating?

I have heard so many T2’s say well she?he ate this way it should be ok on for me.

It’s a dang holiday…everyday doesn’t have to be about perfect blood sugars.


Happy New Year!!!

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I only eat a 1/2 of a small sweet potato. I occasionally eat this with no problem. Yes,it was our holiday. This morning it is oatmeal, then a nice walk as the Y is closed. Otherwise I would swim. My lunch is egg salad with some olives. All is good. Nancy

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T2s on Medicare can use Libres - you just have to test at least 4 times a day. I believe the rationale is that if you’re only taking a daily or weekly dose, you’re probably not testing frequently because you don’t adjust.

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Mindful eating is not necessarily equal to healthy or “proper” eating. Like all mindfulness practices, it’s about being aware of what you are doing in the moment. It just so happens that when you slow down, pay attention to and savor each bite, you eat less.

You must take mealtime insulin, adjusting the dose as needed. That is my understanding.

Nancy Matulis

I do test 4-5 times a day. I am active.

Nancy Matulis

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Medicare covers the treatment of type 1 or type 2 diabetes that involves intensive insulin therapy with multiple injections or the use of the pump on a daily basis. The coverage includes two CGM systems: Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre that provides real-time monitoring of blood glucose levels and Dexcom’s G5. The patient would be eligible for the coverage of FreeStyle Libre when the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • The patient is diagnosed with type 1 or type 2 diabetes
  • Takes insulin with an insulin pump or multiple daily injections
  • Has been prescribed an insulin plan, which requires frequent changes in the dosages and frequency of the medication based on readings of CGM.
  • Uses a blood glucose monitor and performs at least 4 fingersticks a day

Nancy Matulis

First Thanks fo Nancy, I only asked if she would clarify that her choices were not spiking her too greatly. When I checked on line and with some other who might know what’s the definition of mindful eating I read about enjoying eating, eating slower and maybe less, but several sites commented that eating this was was not concerned about calories and carbs, Just the enjoyment of eating food.

And Nancy I am a T2 doing diet and exercise for 11 years, starting with an AIC of 12, Since year two I have had a A1c of 6.0 or under. Diet and ex cerci seems only no medications.

And I do enjoy my food and eat slowly.

I find that many t2 diabetics I know, constantly saying it is this or that or my birthday so eating excess carbs is ok. Fine if you want to and add enough meds to cover it. I did find that when’d I added carbs I craved more.

It is not really hard to control ones carbs on a daily basis and there is no reason the food you prepare should not taste good and be a joy to eat. I don’t feel deprived.

I would not offer an alcoholic a glass of whiskey, nor would I offer a T2 a large piece of cake.

Notice I did say large piece. On my parents 70th wedding anniversary I. Controlled the amount of carbs during the meal, and had a thin slice of very delicious cake. My bg was 122 after dinner.

I typically try to eat 50 carbs or less in a day, which works for me.

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Unlike other starchy vegetables, sweet potatoes are considered to be an “anti- diabetic food.” Yes diabetics can eat sweet potatoes . Sweet potatoes contain carbohydrates which can raise blood sugar levels. … The fiber helps with blood glucose control and weight management and the potassium helps control blood pressure.


A 1/2 of a sweet potato is 10 carbs. That was the carbs I had for the meal. I was taught mindful eating by my endocrinologist during a class. I have had this for 27 years as I said. I count carbs . Eating a sweet potato with a little butter is not a bad food for my body. I eat a lot of vegetables of many colors. A 6.2 A1C works for me. Nancy50

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Can I ask why you test multiple times a day? (There is no negative connotation in this question. I don’t mean to offend or judge. I ask only for my own education and curiosity.)

Oh the potato problem. To eat them or not and which one!? I am type 1 so, I don’t usually sweat it too much! But I thought I had heard that if you were to eat potatoes, sweet were the way to go versus mashed white potatoes. More fiber and slower blood sugar climbs.
But holidays, being very social, I just go for it and fix anything I messed up later. Family time and family fun always more important to me than worrying about blood sugars.
I hope everyone had a great and happy new year!
My family went to the Rose Bowl to see a nail bitter kinda of game! The best kind especially when your team wins! So Happy New Years everyone and Go Ducks!

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Just a note. I am a T2 one diet and exercise only Not using insulin. So there is no going for it and fixing it later. If you mess up you are stuck with it but at least I can do a longer run.
And not I am not interested in start to use insulin if it is not necessary.

Sally, Happy New Year. That game would have made my blood sugar go up!. Not a big football follower, but love college basketball. Nancy50

I test when I get up ,of course I take tresiba and trulicity . If needed before and after pool. Before meals, after if I want. I do a lot of walking,shoveling,in season mowing,gardening, housework, and toss in baby sitting toddlers at times. Knowing my numbers help me keep safe and have the knowledge I need to plan my day. I hope this answers your question. Nancy50