How does setting up Tandem t:connect data sharing work?

When I sign in to Tandem’s t:connect data portal, there is section with the title “My Healthcare Team” in the “My Account” view of “Settings”. The only content there at the moment is the instruction quoted below.
You are not currently sharing your data. To enable sharing, talk to your doctor next time you’re in office for a visit”.

Has anyone followed up on this? I’m curious to learn a bit more about how the process to enable Tandem’s data sharing works.

I don’t know much about the official sharing of info with my healthcare team and my t:connect account shows the same message that you mentioned. My endo’s office asked for my password and they access my reports that way.

I don’t know about Tandem, but with Diasend I was given a “Clinic ID” number by my endo’s office, which, after I entered it, gave them access to see my data. At any time I am able to “stop sharing” or even enter another clinic id number to begin sharing with a second provider. These permissions are found under my account admin tab.

Perhaps call your endo’s office and ask if they have something similar, a “Clinic ID” for Tandem’s data portal.

I have both my Tandem and Dexcom available for my endo and the research team to be able to access my reports. You just need their code to set it up on your end and they will need your password so they can access the reports.
I am not a big tech person but even I got this set up. The team at the research center once in awhile will ask if they can use my reports for a presentation they are doing to show what the reports can give someone and of course whatever trial I am in at that time.
I also find it better to download and than email my own doctor to talk about whatever issue I was having.
Technology can be a great option. It does make my communication so much easier with my medical team.

I am not comfortable giving my password to allow access to my account. It’s not about whether or not you trust your medical team as much as whether you trust their security. I don’t.

This is more of a concern for me with Tandem than it was with Medtronic. The Medtronic Carelink site only had my medical data which I’m not especially protective of. Giving someone access to my account on the Tandem sites gives them access to other personal data I would rather not share.

There is a reason Tandem has set up some sort of alternative to account sharing to share data. I’m a tad surprised more people don’t seem to want to insist on using it. :confused:

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I gave my doctor my password, and the office contacts me from time to time for tweets.
Most of the time I ignore them because I feel like I’m in top of it.
However my doctor uses it to renew prescriptions so it’s nice to not have a delay.
I am type 1 diabetic. There is nothing exposing about having my glucose readings.
Even if it got shared, who cares. It’s just glucose numbers.
My medical record is quite different.
But this is not a worry for me

As I said, I feel that giving access to my Tandem account is not the same as giving access to just my CGM or insulin data. :man_shrugging:

When you give doctor your id/password, the only data they see is from your pump/cgm, on web T:Connect, which loads via TConnect mobile if you want, or manual upload on web.

Not sure what you mean by account data.

I’m not comfortable with any of it, I personally don’t like the idea of someone looking over my shoulder and knowing every time I take insulin. It’s like letting the dentist putting something in your mouth that lets them see every time you eat something sweet.