How many Skittles?

Has someone counted how many Skittles there are in the standard 2.17 oz bag? I’ve never counted before guzzling some, then it’s too late!

Here’s a trick, next time buy two. One for irresistible snacking, and the other for counting. But count fast!

Skittles are 1G of carb each.

A while back I used skittles to treat low BGs. When I counted one small (snack size) bag it was pretty close to the number of carbs on the label (serving size is one bag). As acidrock said, skittles are one gram of carb each.

LOL Jean, great suggestion :slight_smile:

Thanks acid and Terry.

Anyone wanna trade the green ones for the red ones?

Yep. I use Skittles for lows and I count them as 1g each, too.