I live in an alternate universe: Dexcom support answered in 2 minutes


Good news - the transmitters arrived today as promised. Took some time and patience, but in the end I have what I need. I imagine it with improve from here forward as they work out the kinks in the new structure.


I spoke too soon. Just opened the box - G5 transmitters. I ordered G6!


Oh no! That’s got to be frustrating.


But even a gallon of honey can’t cut through the absurd wait times or the confused and confusing staff at a call center in Manila. I understand that others are having less unfavorable experiences with Dexcom customer support, but a heck of a lot of us are having trouble. We aren’t making this stuff up.


I have called about the Libre several times and the phone was answered quickly and they took care of things. At least 4 times.


Who here has intimated that you (or anyone) is “making things up”? I know I sure haven’t! All I’ve done is relate my particular experiences with Dexcom over the course of the last 18 months and it is no worse literally TODAY, than it has been over entire time we have been their customers. The worst waiting was to get approval and shipment for the first Medicare shipments for the G5. We weren’t in the first wave of shipments, but we wern’t too awful far behind, either. There had been a bit of “ball-dropping” by one of the people that was supposed to follow up on our order, so the salesgal apologized about 4 times and got our order processed in less than 2 hours and our shipments went out that day. It always pays to call when things seem overly slow.


All I can say is I’m glad your experience has been different. My experience has been very different.

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Thanks. Maybe your day will come.


It’s not today. I received two complimentary sensors from them today as I am now back on test strips. They were G6 sensors, which are utterly useless to me right now. I hate this company.


I got that. Have you told them that? Have you told them how much you detest the company?


The people in Manila can’t answer any question or concern that’s not in their script. The US employees are like “yes, we agree we suck.”

What kills me is that I work for a medical device company myself, and people would get fired over treating customers like this.

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@Jaybear, I’ve found that a certain subset of Dexcom users seem to want to figure out some reason why many of us are receiving terrible service from them, and have a kind of victim-blaming attitude about it, assuming things like those of us who are getting screwed are being ineffective on the phone, bringing bad attitude, or somehow otherwise rude or incompetent. As someone who has always been very effective in these types of scenarios in all other aspects of my life and who has come at this with every intent of problem-solving and has never blamed the person I’m on the phone with for what’s obviously systemic failures (except for when I’ve escalated things to upper management, them I do blame), I can validate that Dexcom has been a s***show for many many people lately, and it’s too bad that some of those fortunate enough not to experience that seem intent on invalidating or picking apart the repeated stories from the many who are. It’s great that some folks are having an easy/effective time of it with Dexcom—doesn’t mean the problems so many other people are having aren’t valid or reflective of Dexcom dropping the ball in serious ways.


Hi cardamom. Thanks for the insight. This helps put some of the bizarre comments of others into perspective. I appreciate it.


Please provide quotes to prove your “victim-blaming” comment.


Edited because I misunderstood your comment—I see no need to provide quotes. People are free to read back in this post, in my thread, in others. I think it’s pretty straightforward. Disagree if you like.

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I basically think that customer service with Dexcom these days is a “cr*pshoot.” Just because a person has had great results doesn’t mean that next month they won’t have a problem. I always got Medicare ordering emails from Dexcom monthly until February when I didn’t. My orders used to ship within a day or two of the order. Now they don’t. And I suppose that if someone’s recent experiences with Dexcom have been horrible, maybe the next one will be better.

I have never had an unpleasant experience on the phone with Dexcom. Last month when I called to order and was told it would be a 42 minute wait, I selected the callback option and was called back 42 minutes later. I haven’t experienced the overseas ordering experience yet, but have to call next week for March supplies. Or it is possible that it will be April supplies. My online Dex account shows Feb. 25 as my order date, but the paperwork says that the order date was March 2. But of course Feb. 25-March 2 was “processing limbo” at Dexcom.

Always glad to have extra supplies from using sensors for 2 weeks and resetting transmitters in Spike. It is quite horrible that some people have to stop using their CGM because Dexcom doesn’t send supplies on time.


My transmitter is 90 days old. I tried to order my monthly supplies online. I got a too soon to order default. I called the 800 number and spoke to a live person within 2 minutes. She took my order for transmitter and sensors. I got an e-mail saying my order is being processed will be delivered in 10-14 business days. That stinks.


Yes, It is very frustrating. The saga continues…

On Monday I called Dexcom about the incorrect transmitter shipment. At first they told me I had to return the G5 transmitters before they would enter a G6 order. I successfully convinced them they should go ahead in parallel with my return because the errant shipment was on their hands. So an order was placed in the system to ship the G6 transmitters FedEx priority the next day. I received a confirmation e-mail with the correct “expected ship date” so I thought I was in good shape. I didn’t recieve a shipment.

I called again. This time I was told G6 transmitter orders take 7-10 days to process. I explained the situation and the prior commitments and asked to speak with a manger to make sure things were squared away. I wasn’t able to speak with the manager, but the CS rep gave me a FedEx tracking number for a shipment that was supposed to go out yesterday. I wasn’t able to find the tracking number on the FedEx app so I called again this morning. The CS rep checked into it and told me the tracking number was for the errant G5 shipment I received on Monday! I was told Dexcom’s internal system showed the order was prepped and ready for FedEx shipment today for Monday delivery. Hopefully the third time’s a charm. I’m not holding my breath.

My current transmitter expires at the end of the current session. I knew this date was approaching so I tried to get ahead of it. But after 2-1/2 weeks and +/- 10 phone calls, I still don’t have them. Fortunately I now know about the Spike app’s ability to reset the transmitter (thank you laddie!) so I shouldn’t experience any down time.

I like Dexcom. I think they have a great company and product and I only hope all this is a symptom of their own G6 success, and that the actions underway will improve things. But it’s more and more difficult for me to give them the benefit of the doubt.


10+ calls is ridiculous! I feel your pain!


I haven’t experienced a lot of issues, but clearly Dexcom is struggling. What is disappointing is Dexcom isn’t communicating with its customer base about the struggles. Their Twitter account has never tweeted. I would think it would go a long way with the customer base if they would simply communicate.