Is simple spark cgm watch available online?

Once again i am sick and tired of having this super great disease. … I tried searching for a cgm in New Delhi but I ended up with the age old cgm in which we are required to infuse a small needle all day long… I desperately want to buy a cgm watch as my blood glucose levels either hikes up or lowers down! !!! I have lost all my hope. I don’t want to or you can say have courage to deal with it anymore. …:neutral_face:

The “Simple Spark Watchface” is an app that can be employed by a Pebble watch to receive and display blood glucose readings. It cannot sense blood glucose readings.That signal must come from a subcutaneous Dexcom G4 sensor. That sensor sends a signal to an attached transmitter. The transmitter sends the signal to a smart phone and it’s finally relayed to a Pebble watch.

The Simple Spark Watchface is but one piece of a a larger system that includes the Dexcom CGM.