Let's be honest! What's your Pump's name and how did you come up with it?

That is neat …good name

haha thank you :slight_smile:

My Blue Ping Pump’s name is Grover, 'cuz he’s little, blue, and cute.

My pump is Harriet, the secretary, because I go folk dancing, and don’t usually hear it when it beeps (I have a CGM, too, which makes the pump beep), and one of my friends does, and she always says, “Harriet is paging you!”. So I guess it has to be Harriet. My meter is Cleetus with Diabeetus, my lancer device is Attila the Hun, and my CGM serter (long and thin) is Abbott, and my set-serter (short and round) is Costello (this one is only for the oldies among us). You’d think I’d have a name for my car, too, but I don’t! LOL!

I named mine my pink angel because I feel like it is my angel from heave…She keeps me alive…

I loved all of the replies, thank you so much. Now I have quite a bit to share with my sweet Fiance ( so he knows I’m not nuts LOL), Thanks Guys!

I’ve named my GPS (Sally), motorcycle (Green Dragon) and Dexcom unit (Dex - I know, how original) but not named by pump. I’ll have to think on that one.

When I was a kid I used to feel sorry for all animals, but also for inanimate objects. So it was a struggle for me to ever throw things away… Let’s just say there’s a little bit of me that still has those feelings so I’m definitely better off not naming things. It’s bad enough I hold conversations with my cat, Lula including what she would say if she could talk, and am 100% sure of that! (there’s a lot of “oh, mama!” said in that teenage whiny voice with eye-rolling, followed by a conciliatory “I know you want what’s best for me” that no mother of a human teenager has ever heard!)

See - utterly nuts and naming objects would only exacerbate the problem!

It’s actually a well-kept secret in the mental health field that therapists encourage their schizophrenic clients to talk back to the voices they hear in their heads - and you wonder who is running the asylum!!

My pump is Fred (short for Fred Astaire) and my meter is Gene (Gene Kelly.)

I used to call mine Arnold, because “it pumped me up” but I changed it to Sookie from True Blood when I got my Ping. She’s pink and feminine but strong!

My son named his first pump Cyborg, but hasn’t named his new pump. He feels so robotic with all his equipment!

Mine is Pinkie… LOL Well my M-I-L helped name it when I was getting on it and I had to politely tell her not all my family knew about it at that point and not to post it to the world on Facebook… Pinkie got it’s name… :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if there is other gamers around but I named my pump GlaDOS. Grab a copy of the game Portal and you’ll get the jokes. She’s always testing you and trying to kill you. I figured it was appropriate.

I named my pump ‘Annie’ for Animas… Creative I know!!!

Hey all - I’m new here. My mother-in-law e-mailed this thread to me. It’s been fun reading everyone’s names.

A little background:
When I was 16, I ended up in the hospital with an infection in my foot. I was sent home by my doctor on an IV pump with an antibiotic in it about a week later. At that time, I decided to name the IV machine. One of my favorite shows as a kid – yes, a kid – was Newheart. And my favorite characters were Larry, Darryl, and Darryl. So, I named it “Darryl.” Of course, Darryl went away after a month or so.

Fast-forward 11 years:
I got my first insulin pump at age 27, and used it for two years before it broke. I was told that I should name the pump just like I did the IV one, so I did. He was “Darryl, Jr.” Junior because he was much smaller than the IV one.

Slow-forward 2 years:
I now have my second insulin pump, a Medtronic MiniMed. So far, I love it. I also have the CGMS. I decided – this time on my own – to name the pump again. I went to my friends on Facebook to ask for suggestions. I got a lot of weird answers, but one really jumped out at me. “Mr. McFeely.” Shannon, a former coworker, asked if I knew what it mean. “Of course! Speedy delivery.” And that’s how Mr. McFeely was named.

Yes I do my pumps named my little pink angel from heaven because its keeping me alive…

I get my pump on Thursday. I let my son pick the color and the name. He picked green and named it Yoda from Star Wars. He said, “May the force be with you mom.”

Mine is named Kermit because the pump is green :). My boyfriend calls it my pancreas or pancakes lol.

No, I don’t need a name.

How did you get your meter to call your pump GLaDOS?