Love to cook and eat? Introduce yourself here!

All about food - Recipes, Restaurants, etc.

I love to cook so the more tips on healthier and tastier I can make foods, the happier I am…

Thanks for initiating this Kaayle. I travel extensively for business, and have to attend too many business dinners. This will be very helpful.

One restaurant I’d like to recommend if you’re ever in Huntsville, Alabama:

Has a wide enough selection of foods that you can easily make low-carb selections. Also has rice, mashed potatoes, and some foods with sweet and sour sauce (of interest mainly if someone on a high-carb diet wants to go with you).

Thanks for starting he group. Like Bill, I travel frequently for business and finding diabetes friendly restauarants in new places is often a challenge.

My husband & I eat frequently at Ruby Tuesday. I know they have about 800 locations around the U.S. Many of their selections would not be considered low-carb, but there are many others (the ones we eat) that are low-carb. They also have a great salad bar with very fresh selections of veggies and salads. The prices are moderate.

Hey there! Sorry for the delayed response… I have been running like a chicken with its head cut off lately! Yeah, I thought this would be a great way to share information we find on food. I travel quite a bit too for work and I’m always looking for information.

Thanks to everyone for adding suggestions… I may actually be heading to Huntsville for work sometime soon… I will try to check out your suggestion, Robert!

I am an awesome T1 cook, as I am sure you all are. I want to post a bunch of recipes, but first…I want to inform my diabetic people about a few amazing low-carb things I enjoy…
Maple Grove Farms of Vermont, sugar free pancake waffle mix,, (low carb and high fiber in the mix). Also, Howard’s sugar free syrup, I am telling you them together makes you feel like you are eating a high carb yummy breakfast, by you are not. I did a little experiment and checked my BS an hour after this meal and my BG was not elevated, at all.

Awesome! Thanks for the info D!!! Feel free to start discussions for various recipes… It’s easier to read and find for a quick reference! :slight_smile:

Hey all, well i am a chef and have much fun working in kitchens and developing new dishes and modifying dishes to meet requirements for different people! Alot of people ask me why have i become a chef as it is hard for a diabetic…the answer is i love food! and why should diabetes stop me doing that…its all about moderation!
will be great to chat to others who have a love/passion for food like i have :smiley:

Rich_Garbett, so glad you have joined us! Feel free to start discussions for various info and recipes! I have started a few… As you will see, I find recipes and alter them to suit my personal tastes… right now I’m starting or attempting a vegan diet but not hard core just as a base for eating… I’m interested in finding out more options out there… :slight_smile: Again, wonderful of you to join us!

Hello. I’m new to the group, the site and being diebetic. But I’m determined to still enjoy cooking and food, even though I’m eating an entirely different diet!

Seagator, first off, thanks for your service. You must have some great storys to tell. Secondly, do you use any of the nut flours or Bobs red mill stuff? I make SOS (bologna sausage gravy) with some of the low carb bread mix and almond milk. The recipe is always just a toss together, but let me see if I can make one up for you, if youd like.

Onesaint, you intrigue me. I am from the south and that is one thing, I think above all (among many other things, lol) that I miss, is gravy. Gravy is a staple, that on goes on everything.

Have you posted that recipe on here somewhere?

Its a family recipe that is one of those just toss it in a pan type things.

I think we take about 4 slices of bologna, cut slits and fry them. Take that out, brown a pack of sausage, cut into chucks (bite sized chunks - Like ground beef), leave the sausage in the pan, sprinkle on some WPI5000 and some almond flour (maybe 2 tbsp total). I add a tbsp of butter to make it a bit fattier. Then add unsweetened almond milk I think its about 1 & 1/2 cups and simmer down to a nice gravy. That milk might be less FYI.

My Grandmother lived all over, but was from Evansville, Indiana. She cooked in just the same manner your talking about and this is one of her breakfast staples. We use it all the time. Sorry the recipe is not more regimented, but if you know gravy, this will be a snap.

TY, that gives me a start. I am new diabetes and “low carb” cooking. Having to find alternatives to the things I love.

Looks like I need to go to Whole Foods and see what I can find. (Once made, you will find me with spoon & pot in hand, daring anyone to dare look my way!!)

haaha! Im not sure the WPI can be found at whole foods. They do have a good selection of Bobs red mill, which carries the almond flour, low carb bread mix (which should work fine too), vital wheat gluten, xanthan gum, etc. Low carb requires some substitutions, but things like SOS work out well. Toss that over an over-easy egg on top of some low carb bread! Yum!

BTW, welcome to Diabetes, sorry you had to join the party. =^) Im pretty good at alternatives and there is a weath of info on the net for lower carb foods. Should you think of any ideas or something you want to make, please ask. The TuD folks and I will certainly try to accommodate. =^)

A restaurant that is now a good choice if you are ever in Huntsville, Alabama:

They have fairly recently added a non-starchy mixed vegetables dish that you can select to go with the main dish instead of the usual rice or noodles,

Another Huntsville restaurant that has been a good selection longer:

They have a wide enough selection of items that you can make a low carb selection if you prefer. Or mashed potatoes and ice cream only, if someone else going with you prefers that.

Avocado is good for me,post low BS. I eat solo, or with ham(French)