Medtronic 640g - Offical Details and photos

I have been searching for more info on the forthcoming medtronic 640g

here are the pdf files from the australian website

looks good !

happy reading

368-MiniMed640GIntroductionBrochure.pdf (1.84 MB) 369-MiniMed640GParentGuide.pdf (942 KB)
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and here are the full user guides and menu maps

376-640guserguide1.pdf (4.93 MB) 377-640guserguide2.pdf (5.07 MB) 378-MiniMed640GMenuMap.pdf (815 KB)

I'm glad it finally launched. Australia was and currently is the only to launch the 640G. I've placed my order for one and my pump start is 13th January! Lucky my Veo warranty ran out three days before the launch so it was a simple upgrade. Looking forward to the remote bolusing and the new CGM transmitter. We already have the Enhanced Enlites here and a new transmitter is going to bring more accuracy. It looks amazing in this shot!

This looks awesome! Does anyone know about launches in other countries, like the U.S or in europe!
Please tell us how you like the new pump and if it is really a good upgrade!

Killer! Thanks for sharing! I've got some stuff to do but want to go through this stuff which will, of course, make deciding on a pump more difficult. I've played with T-Slim and am also intrigued by the Vibe so now there's 3 seemingly killer pumps and pump/CGMs to choose from...

I think stopping insulin delivery with a predicted glucose low level is an important step forward.

Thanks for uploading the pdf files. I don't like the regulatory rules that sequester this info to only target populations. I like knowing what D-tech is doing even if I can't get it in my location.

Nice to see active insulin right on the home page! Maybe we can teach an old dog, new tricks.

hi Brent!
this is awesome news! do you know anything about the size of the pump? compared to the sensor on the picture it looks pretty huge, but i can't really tell…
good luck on your start!

I think it's just the angle of the shots and how its been set up.The dimensions from the user manual are very similar to the current one. Literally turn their current pump on the side and its just a little bit wider than that. Here is one of the press shots in someones hands. The other photos make it look giant!

oh thanks, i didn't find a pic with a hand. it does look ok IMHO. on other pictures it looked as huge as a PDM of omnipod…
excited for you!

Yeah, i asked my pump educator about releases here in Switzerland. They say they cannot confirm anything, but she said release here should be coming in 2015. she said they do not release anything until the pump comes out to market, to prevent rumors… doesn't make any sense to me, bc IMO, if they release an official statement of their own, that prevents rumors way more than if they dont say anything at all, but anyway.
looking forward to it :D

I will be ready for a new pump in the latter part of 2015 and this pump has everything I'm looking for. CGM, remote and water proof. Hopefully the FDA want make us wait til it becomes outdated.

I originally thought it would be the size of an average mobile phone which I did not want for a tubbed pump but it's almost the same as the Veo/530G just a different orientation. Don't know what I am more excited for... The new pump or finally getting the Next Link meter (although upgraded with the bolusing feature) after being stuck with the original blue Contour Link for two years. Having a colour screened meter will be nice to have back.

woohoo, just came back from endo, and he will try to set me up on this pump as soon as it is released here, which should be soon :D
i will get it with a sensor, to reduce current night time lows, so that my insurance covers it :) excited!

Awesome Swiss! I'm in the process of getting a pump too.

First pump starts are pushed back a week now due to shipment issues. The first 640G start in the world is now the 23rd of January... Mine will be the 2nd of February

I heard it will be available in the Netherlands in May! Looking forward to it :-)

Thanks for uploading the user guide. In my download the first part stops at page 28 and the second part starts at page 144! Do you have the complete version? Thanks.

For those who are curious enough to be patient with amateur video blog updates ... or who are adapt at fast-forwarding through the boring bits ... there are now people who are posting info about their (trial?) use of the 640G to YouTube.

Here are links for two I happened to bump up against last night for whomever might be interested.

From Australia, a fellow who goes by Tangerine Diabetic currently has 5 videos in a series called "64 Days on Minimed 640G".

From England (I think) is a fellow who posts to a YouTube channel named 64 Days on Minimed 640G System. He currently has 20 videos posted. Apparently he also has a blog at

BTW, what the heck is a "Stag Do!"? Some type of event or party in the UK? I never heard the term before and have no idea what it's about. Guess I'll have to watch that vid.


Hmm another pump for me to consider come upgrade time..

I'm in the UK, a stag do is the the UK version of a bachelor party.

Typically involves lots of alcohol, ritual humiliation ha.

That is just the sort of test an insulin pump/ CGM rig should be subjected to! Hopefully they thought to include a breathalyzer so the data set will be complete...heh heh heh...