Medtronic 670g Auto mode


Also bear in mind that this upcoming Control-IQ release is “Version 1” of Control-IQ.

Tandem has already publicly discussed the next two iterations of Control-IQ. At this point, they are planning enhancement and revisions to the Control-IQ algorithm at the rate of about one per year.

So, the t:sport would be expected to be launched with Control-IQ v2 with an update available for the X2 for the Control-IQ v2 sometime around Q2 or Q3 of 2020.

There should then be an update for Control-IQ v3 for both the X2 and the t:sport around mid-2021.

So, even if the initial versions of Control-IQ is not the best fit for an individual perhaps the Basal-IQ can continue to work for the person. And then in a year, one could try out the revised Control-IQ algorithm and see if the revisions and enhancements make it a better fit.

I am excited to see how it all pans out for actual launch !!!

You’re examples of the upcoming software updates are why I love the Tandem pump. They can add, change or tweak a feature that may or may not be working quite right through a software update, instead of charging a fee for a new updated pump like the other manufacturer’s do. If, and when Tandem do decide to implement a fee for the future software updates, they will most likely be minimal compared to the fees to upgrade early for new pump.

Were you able to shut off the vibration as well ??
my 670g has kept me awake more than i can tell you (i’m sure you’re aware) so i shut off the “audio” but now it vibrates ALL NITE !!
:frowning: The engineers that program this (little brown nugget) need to:

  1. WEAR IT for 30 days
  2. either BE diabetic, OR have a synthesized CGM that throws the same speed /curve ball at them, that WE have.

Please let me know if there is a way to disable audio AND vibration, without lead poisoning or Gallagher’s “Sledge-O-matic”

So i’m not the only one… Likewise, being in Auto Mode I can’t get below 7.1% Thanks for the tip to use “fill cannula” for the bonus insulin. That is brilliant.

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Thanks for sharing that. I feel like medtronic added this confirmation feature to every command as a safety feature. How many people had a problem with the old pump that now it takes so many clicks to suspend and restart delivery. I never accidentally did anything on my old paradigm. The menus on this pump drive me crazy. Even the pump rep mentioned in training trying to prompt us. Almost everything you do is going to be in the options menu. My question back was why isn’t it the first item under bolus then? …and why are the Audio options the third item under bolus. If anything should be in option, it seems like audio options should be there. I hate this pump! Oh and thanks for making the clicking sound louder whenever I touch a button. It is at least twice as loud as the paradigm. Did any customer request that feature or complain that they could not tell when a button was pushed. I can feel the tactile click of the button, I do not need to hear it too. Although they may be forward thinking in that knowing we all will soon not have any nerves left in our fingers with the amount BG requested by this pump.

I second that request. I thought I had everything turned off and still get a lot of vibrations. I have not slept a full night in automode yet.

Single most annoying thing to me was the extra confirmation step in doing a bolus. Makes the exact same beep when you arrive at the screen that it makes when you hit to confirm, and I repeatedly mistook that for the “yes I’m delivering the bolus now” beep, not the “you’ve arrived at the ‘do ya really want to do this screen’” beep, and then I’d get timed out. Which wouldn’t be quite so bad if it just took you back to the information you already entered but instead it takes you all the way out and you have to do the whole thing over again. Not such a big deal until you’ve fallen for it, oh I dunno, thirty-forty times or so, then you start feeling like throwing the damn thing at the wall.

You’re a very patient person. If I was in your shoes, the pump would be in pieces instead of a box under the bed. :grin:

I get busy try to do a quick bolus and fall for the white circle as a sign of confirmation I am done. Just like the circle that windows gives when it is working. If I do not feel the vibration that I actually did not enter the bolus completely, then my BG is 300 after a meal. I am giving it a week and going back to the old pump while I pursue getting a new one. I hear the T-Slim Dexcom G6 is a good combo. Does anyone have experience with that? Of course if they did, they would not be reading this site.

There are several discussions. Try a search on Tandem T-slim X2, or Basal-IQ. Better to post your questions there, or start new topic.

Here are a couple examples

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I got the upgraded transmitter for my 670G.

This has solved my worst complaint about the auto mode system: that it would accept a blood sugar and then immediately demand another blood sugar. That older transmitter sometimes would have me go 10-12 hours before a new sensor would ever come fully online again. It was nuts.

The newer transmitter is better. But it is NOT PERFECT at all. I’ve been on the new transmitter for about 4 or 5 weeks now and I’d say it’s considerably better, but not where it should be.

The issue now is that sometimes the sensor is delivering good data, but the pump/transmitter don’t trust the sensor data. I’ve gone through either 4 or 5 sensor changes on the new one, and twice I’ve had sensors where the pump would demand new blood sugar readings (not calibrations, just finger sticks) every 2 to 4 hours. There is no “joy” quite like getting up every 3-ish hours all night long for a week. The first of those two sensors had me check my blood sugar more than 10 times in the first 24 hours. OUCH!

It was all the more infuriating because during those two “extra blood check” weeks, the sensor readings were almost perfect: always within 10 mg/dl of the actual blood sugar readings, which is considerably more accurate than I often get from my sensors.

Anyway. Whenever my insurance next lets me change pumps, I will be doing a serious, hard, look at all of the pump/sensor systems on the market then. That’s a few years out, but I am beginning to think it’s time to switch to a different company when the time comes.

Does Medtronic data downloads show ISIG values any longer, like it did for Enlites? That data is what I’d refer to when I’d talk to uncooperative support people regarding many bad sensors. If you don’t know what “ISIG” means, PLEASE skip answering my post. Thanks!

The 670G and Guardian Sensor System has an Isig History report showing the Isig and corresponding BG readings every five minutes throughout the day.

You do not need to take a finger stick reading every time the pump requests a new BG update. Simply, input the last reading on your pump unless you feel the pump reading may be incorrect.

If I am requested to replace a relatively new sensor, I will remove the transmitter and recharge it. Then reattach the transmitter to the sensor and proceed as if I have inserted a new sensor. 90% of the time, this will get everything back to normal.

Thanks Don! Silly me, I should have more carefully looked at my own CSV file from Carelink. Column “AF” in Excel shows “ISIG Value”.

I haven’t set up my 670 with Carelink. The information can be retrieved directly from the pump under History.

Yesterday, I “only” had to check my blood sugar 10 times and insert two sensors before I got the pump to behave.

Last weekend, it took 7 checks and two sensors by mid-week.

The week before that, 13 checks.

And the pump only alarmed with a false low about 4 times last night before I shut off the sensor so I could sleep.

My warranty expires in 2021, which is the earliest my insurance will let me swap out pumps. Only about 16 more months. What’s a little stress, sore fingers, and sleep deprivation, right?

You wouldn’t have that experience if you had a Dexcom CGM. MM sensors are the pits. I wasted a year of my life dealing with those infernal things. Enlites were supposed to be better than Sof Sensors. HA! Random number generators, both of them. I would guess I spent 100+ hours with tech support during the year. The moment I heard that the G5 was going to be covered by medicare, I called up Dexcom to get on the waiting list. The wait was a few months, but SO rewarding!

There is a trade in option if interested.

Trade it!! I traded my in-warranty Animas for MM 670GlucoseStripEatingMachine…wow was I sorry!!

I ended over 4 mos of 670G hell by paying $1k for a Tandem X2 out of pocket to use until Oct of 2020…that was a good decision…I now loan my 670G and sensors out for some folks that are doing keto and fasting so they can get some more insight on how their nutrition is playing out for them.

Keep in mind you don’t have to input a finger stick reading. You can just input your current reading or the last available reading. However. If you feel the meater is way off, Then you should do a finger stick reading.