Medtronic 670g Auto mode


Maybe I am the exception, but I have had better control and fewer lows with the 670G. The sensors are accurate and my BS are more stable. When it asks for an additional BS, I just input the number displayed if I just calibrated. Not that big of an inconvenience. The key is to NOT calibrate when it asks for an additional BS. I found all the calibrations confused it. The tape that comes with the guardian censors is crap. I use Simpatch or Rocktape and cover the whole thing. I had MAJOR sensor issues when I used their tape, but hardly any since I switched to my own. Good luck!


It’s caused me quite a bit of stress! It works so well though when IN automode. And when I am out of it my blood sugars are crazy up-and-down. I almost think they are worse because my body gets used to the auto mode basil delivery and then when it’s not working right or I’m not in my body is like “woah what’s going on here?!” But I am seriously starting to have PTSD from the beeping and trying to get into AM.


can I ask what system you are using?thanks…


I’m using a do-it-yourself automated insulin dosing system called Loop. It’s comprised of a Medtronic 722 pump, a Dexcom G4 CGM, a radio bridge called RileyLink that facilitates communication between the pump and phone, and an iPhone 6 running a self-installed app called Loop. It’s an Apple based system but other set-ups use Android phones.

I wrote about it when I started back in November 2016.


I wonder if the pump manufacturers plan to open up their systems, ever, to work with cell phones, etc., or if the risk of hacking has forced them to forever shut that down.


I’ve been using this pump for 6 months am have been in/out of Auto Mode and finally gave up and am staying in MM where I have much better SG/BG. Having had a quintuple heart by-pass in 2006 I cannot afford BGs in the high end of the “in range” 180s and often 203+. I am realistically concerned that arterial inflamation will spur plaque build up in the arteries. For me…Auto mode is a failure.


When auto mode is accurate it’s awesome…but when it’s not it is he absolute biggest pain in the butt! 2 hours post meal today I went to check bs and sg was 158…actual bg was 285…what in the heck…no rises…nothing…indicated a spike over 50 points over 120 minutes since bolusing. Oh well. When mine gets above 250 I got into Manual Mode b/c AutoMode simply wont correct highs efficiently


If you are the exception, then I am an exception, too. The 670G and Guardian 3 have improved my numbers by so much, when I look at the pump and see that smooth wavy line going through the green area representing my numbers, I think “That is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!”. But I do have to admit that the tape is not the best, I am currently working on finding an alternative for that, I may try the ones you mentioned. I guess we exceptions need to hold our ground as well!