MY Onetouch Ping just got out of warranty. What next

Whats the step to take after pump is out of warranty but still works perfectly. FYI: My insurance covers 100%

If your insurance covers 100%, I’d get a new one and keep the still functioning one as an emergency backup pump.

Some insurance companies resist replacing a fully functioning pump just because it’s out of warranty. I like keeping my D-tech relatively current. A four year old pump has seen a lot of action and I prefer a newer pump to take care of this critical metabolic need.

When my pump is out of warranty, I call the pump company and tell them that the display is now dimmer than it used to be and is harder for me to read. I have a Ping as well and the individual pixels start to turn brownish with age from a lighter white when new. I’ve used this explanation twice and the insurance company agreed to replace my 4-year old pump each time.

I recently took out my 7-year old back-up pump and was surprised to see that the screen was now barely readable. Since I am lucky enough to have good insurance coverage, I’m not shy at all about asking for the latest and greatest D-tech. It’s my job to maintain the best BG control possible and keeping my electronic D-tools fresh is part of that job.

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I should add that I got a new pump 2 months ago after i told manufacturer that the display of my 4 yr old one is dimmer and barely readable. So altho warranty is out, the pump is still very new.

My pump goes out of warranty late this year and I plan to go for a replacement even if it is still working properly.

When you are in warranty you have quick access to a replacement. When my pump failed in warranty I had a replacement in a day or two. I doubt you could get a replacement that quickly for an out of warranty pump. I can manage on MDI but my MDI skills are quite rusty.

gary, do you just call your insurance and ask them for a replacement? or how do you go about that

Generally the pump co will start badgering you and insurance to get/cover a new one as they want to make a new sale ASAP… That is at least how medtronic has done it. My current pump is I think 2 years out of warranty and they finally badgered me to get a new one.

I am on my first pump so this will be my first replacement. I plan to start with my endo asking if he will get the ball rolling with whatever pump company I choose for my replacement.

Hopefully he will put me in touch with a pump representative, most are very aggressive and will get things rolling with insurance. You need them in your corner because they know how to help with insurance issues.

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Contact whoever you choose to get your pump from. I just recently switched from Medtronic to Tslim. T slim contacted my insurance company and found out who there preferred providers are which is either Liberty or Edgepark. They then contacted EdgePark, and they contacted my endo’s office, got all the necessary paper work signed off on, as my pump was also out of warranty they asked if i was having any problems with my current pump, which I did recently have a no delivery error, and it goes through batteries super fast. I had my new pump from start to finish in probably about 2 weeks. But I agree, I do not want an out of warranty pump either, even if it is still functioning. If its still under warranty, you can get a replacement in a couple of days, not in warranty you are going through the whole pre-auth process, and I dont want a completely dead pump and having to do that.