New Pods?

Has anybody received the new pods in the US yet?

Someone posted a while back that they would start shipping in the US at the end of February.

I talked to someone at Insulet and that is what they told me. I'm trying to gauge my next order of pods. I won't need a 90 day supply if I can get the new ones at the end of February as well as the PDM. My old PDM is worn out.

Is the US the last country to approve?

I suspect it is, in which case Insulet will need to run all their in-process manufacture of the old pods through the US market; they can't afford to throw away pods.

This is a pretty easy calculation for them (if the US is the last place); their sales are extremely predictable, so if they say "end-of-February" I believe it. There's not much room for us to game this; we have maybe +/-30 days on placing an order, assuming a 90 day supply. I'd expect everyone who can afford the new PDM to have received new pods by the start of April. (I'm sticking my neck out here ;-)

John Bowler

Has anyone seen the new PDM? Is it slimmer? Smaller? Or the same size? Just curious. Can't help but compare our PDM with my ipod and wonder at the difference in thickness...

I don`t think it is approved in Canada yet?

Yes, you're right - it's somewhat weird but the Canadian approval seems to depend on the US one somehow. Maybe it's cheaper to get approved in Canada after FDA approval?

I still suspect the delay is a supply line issue, but if not and it's down to training local providers the actual date the pods become available is likely to vary according to location within the US.

John Bowler

From what I've seen, it's the exact same size. But now it's black.

Do you mean the patch pump systerm set? if it is then using been using one since and been using it for five months with small pods,Sorry my english is not good if i have made mistake

Yep - exactly same size. But black is beautifull..... :-) .


Same size different color and some different features.

How much is it gonna cost to upgrade???

You will receive a new PDM with your first order of pods. It's "free." I think they may charge if you are out of the 4 year warranty. The motivation for providing it gratis is it will enable you to use the higher margin pods so they make the money back on the first shipment, then make more money in the long run with the higher margin 2nd gen pods. Plus, it's the right thing to do IMO.

I got an opportunity to look at the next gen up close and personal. I am just finishing training on using the pod and the Omnipod rep had one to show me. It has a number of improvements. 1st is is smaller. About 2/3 the size of the current pod. A big plus is the cannala, the part that actually injects the site, is green. Much more visible when looking thru the window at the front of the pod. Another feature is a red dot that appears under the top skin of the pod, it changes color to green if the pods cannala is properly inserted. On the underside of the pod there is an arrow directing you to the site for infusion of insulin and the big new is an added button just under the tapeline that will silence the pods dead alarm. Not sure what you call the alarm but it can go off after the pod is taken off and used to require a hammer to cease its squeal. The receiver looks the same however it has many refinements. The status screen now shows you how much insulin is left in a band across the middle. There are refinements in many of the screens showing for example the time when a temp basel is set to begin and end. I was impressed and the size of the pod is really smaller lengthwise and height wise.

Thank you for sharing this, Dondi. We are very excited to see the new pods and all of the new features and improvements!

My next 90 day shipment is due next week. Really bad timing as far as the new pods are concerned. Insulet said they would be happy to change my shipment to a 30 day supply, renewable each month, and then switch it back to 90 days once the new pods start shipping.

I decided to stick with the 90 day supply of old pods since it will be the first shipment of the year for me. I'm not sure of the math, or why they do it, but the first shipment of the year comes with an extra box (4 instead of 3). I'd much rather be sure of a steady supply of working pods then worry about getting new pods ASAP if it's going to mean running short at some point.

I'll get the new one's soon enough, presumably in May once my next 90 day supply runs out. The old ones work fine and you can't really miss what you've never experienced.

Please do not be over excited as far as the new pods are concerned. Insulet still has some problems to fix unfortunately. I have experienced many occlusions since early December 2012 when I started wearing the new ones. Last box: 8 out of ten. Insulet are aware but are still working on it. So perhaps you shouldn't be too keen to get started right now.

Yes, I’ve had problems too ! Started on the small pods in December and had a box with 50% occlusions and have had a further two this week within 48 hours. My BS were 4.3 and 5.1 and had just been running so I think it’s a problem with the sensitivity perhaps. Very annoying and a bit disappointing. More work on them needs to be done but you’d think with the amount of time it’s taken to get them on the market, these issues should have been resolved.

@Dondi Sorry to say but you have a view colour and fact problems.

Check for the 2nd gen manual in English.

P 52 The soft cannula is tinted light blue to improve visibility
at the insertion site.
P 54 When you see the pink slide insert in this position, it means that
the cannula is inserted.
P 4 No button. It’s a “Housing vent”
P 130 Manual Shut-off of a Hazard Alarm still use a sharp pin.

I hope the manuel helps you to prepaitr for later.

The 2nd gen is a big improvement in size and weight and I still like it a lot.

wow! Badddd news about all the reports of the high failure rate of the new pods. I doubt most of us will get them prior to the summer. Ive got 6 boxes of old pods left & have told my supplier to stop sending me any new pods with hopes of using up most of my old one first.