Ping vs. Vibe

What is the difference between the Ping & the Vibe insulin pump?

Hi Jessica, I’m on a Vibe - I think it’s that the Vibe has integrated cgm which Ping doesn’t, but Ping has a remote hand held device which Vibe doesn’t have. You have to access Vibe directly.


Vibe has a a couple of menu changes which make sense and also you no longer have to dial up the dose. One push of the up arrow takes you straight to the recommended dose. Vibe also has the integrated Dexcom G4 cgms but it has NO remote.

( A few of us have also found that the Vibe seems to have a software error in calculating IOB which dexcom doesn't seem to acknowledge)

Any word on when the Vibe will be available in US

I'll be sorry to lose the remote. I am in the habit of wearing the Ping on my ankle and bolusing with the meter/remote. Guess I'll be doing a lot of crossing my leg and staring at my ankle :(

If you search for Animas Vibe UK, you can find all the details/specs/user guides for the Animas Vibe. But the other replies have mentioned the key differences.

In the US, the Vibe + Dexcom G4 was submitted for FDA approval in April 2013. On average it may take 10-18 months to get FDA approval, so many are expecting it to be available some time in 2014. If you have a Ping under warranty, there will be upgrade options to trade it in for a Vibe (with cost). For details, contact Animas.

Users who like the Ping + Remote, can still get stand-alone Dexcom G4 CGMS (transmitter, receiver, sensors), but would have to carry the separate Dexcom receiver for the CGMS results/alarms, which would NOT be 'integrated' and NOT show on the Ping screen. This is available now.
At a later time, Ping users could switch to Vibe if the single device/integration was more important than using the meter/remote. Would no longer need the Dexcom Receiver, but the Dexcom Transmitter would work fine with the Vibe, so no additional purchase after switch to Vibe.

Minx - Nice summary. If I might add, if one has the Dex receiver and the Vibe, then both the receiver and the Vibe pump body could display CGM data. This is how I intend to use the Vibe when it comes out.

I'll use the Vibe pump receiver capability when I'm out and about during the day and then I'll depend on the Dex receiver to wake me up at night. I see the Dex receiver as a superior method at night since it will not be audibly suppressed by all the blankets that layer over the pump body.

Now that I write this, I wonder if the combined CGM data stream of the pump receiver and the G4 receiver can be integrated to form one data set. Time will tell.

A few of us have also found that the Vibe seems to have a software error in calculating IOB which dexcom doesn't seem to acknowledge

Prisoner, can you provide some detail? This is the kind of thing I value about this community. Thanks.

You can see in the video that my Duration of Insulin action is set to 3 hours - at the "check BG 3 hrs after bolus" there is still .38 units of insulin on board. This works as a negative correction against the next bolus..

Yes - you can use the G4 transmitter with both the Vibe pump and the Dexcom receiver at the same time.

Interesting. Did you call Animas and ask why? You mention Dexcom above but I presume you meant Animas. While it's a small amount of IOB, if it decrements a bolus going forward, that doesn't seem right to me either.

Have you noticed how long it took for the IOB to zero?

This is the kind of thing that front line customer service people have trouble explaining. It's when I'd love to talk with software engineers directly but it's the rare company that allows that.

Thanks, Prisoner. I do get that the Dex transmitter signal can be simultaneously received and displayed on both the Vibe pump screen and discrete Dex receiver.

What I wondered about above is this: If I upload both the Dex receiver and the Vibe pump to a site like Diasend, will the upload program be smart enough to weave the data together?

Well I meant NZMS who are the supplier for Animas in NZ,but I am presuming they are passing the problem onto Animas. They are replacing pumps (for ones that have the same problem) but they have no explanation and no fix.It can take up to half an hour for my pump to get to zero IOB

Minx - Good observation about how the Dex receiver learns and gets more accurate with experience. I've lived a long time with toting both my pump and Dex along with me, I'll experiment and see what happens.

You're right about the Studio software. In fact, I just put into service a new Dex receiver yesterday. I decided to use both the old and new and keep my old one as primary, the one that I will keep with me all the time and the one that will get uploaded. I'll try to keep the new one at home constantly hooked up to a charge source until the old unit's battery starts to fail.

I also use Diasend and will have to see how it handles combining data from more than one source. I know that I've uploaded more than one meter and it just integrates and over-lays both streams of data. I'm hoping it's as graceful with two, sometimes concurrent, CGM data streams.

Just joined the group after appreciating its valuable insights.
I've on the G4 since its introduction & I'm thinking about the Vibe BUT:
the Vibe uses the Animas pump alarm which may not wake me up,
the Vibe screen is smaller and hard to read in daylight,
larger packaging with no remote control limits where I can wear it
less CGM-pump integration than Medtronic whose CGM isn't as accurate
the data is only available via Diasend
AND it has a reported IOB bug.
Why not just get an Animas Ping and wait until J&J integrates the pump and the CGM instead of just repacking them in a way that creates problems.
Maybe they'll Package the CGM and Glucometer together, auto-post Glucometer readings to the CGM and retain the remote control of the pump in a more easily deployed package?

I agree with several of your criticisms of the Vibe, and would like to know what Vibe users think.

It's funny to hear a man say "no remote control limits where I can wear it" because, as a woman and dress-wearer, that's my concern. If it's in your bra, you can't read the CGM screen or bolus without going to the bathroom to pull it out.

Also, the screen is very small and I don't like the way the graph displays. It's not as clear as the screen on the Dexcom G4 receiver.

I agree that it would be nice to see the CGM receiver combined with a glucometer. Is there a reason no one has done this to date?

As somebody who has moved from Medtronic + Sof sensors to a Vibe + Dexcom...

The vibrate alarm on the Vibe will always wake me

The Vibe screen can be difficult to read in bright sunlight, but I don't find it a major problem (probably because it's not sunny very often where I live)

The predictive alert on MM pumps is more sophisticated than the simpler glucose level or rate of fall limits on the Vibe. BUT because the Dexcom is SO much more reliable you actually get better warnings and far fewer false alarms.

The IOB bug: Mine does show a small amount of IOB for up to 30 mins after the end of the DIA end time, but its less than 5% of the bolus, so small that it doesn't really have a signficant effect.

At the moment the pump and CGMs are integrated to the extent that a single device operates both functions. In this way the Vibe is similar to the Revel or x22 but does not have the low glucose suspend feature of the veo/530G. I don't think there are any plans for this sort of integration by Animas in the near future. Most of the veo/Enlite pumpers I know have the low glucose suspend feature switched off anyway.

IMO, having meter readings sent to the pump can cause problems when the pump is also acting as a CGMS receiver. This is because the pump will want to use meter readings to calibrate the sensor. It is generally a good idea not to calibrate too often and only when BG is steady.

I am not sure why the remote control function on the Ping is not available on the Vibe. Hoswever, I suspect that the remote control and Dexcom transmitter use different radio frequencies.

Although the screen on the Vibe is quite small, I don't personally have any problems reading it except in bright sunlight.


I use dexcom 4g and vibe. Only thing that worries me with vibe is that it doesn't shut itself off when bg is critically low. It just keeps giving insulin. But if i leave it aside... I love it!!

I'm using an out of warranty Ping and have been waiting on the Vibe as all my Docs want me on a cgms. I have a Medicare Advantage insurance plan and there have been a number of things on Medicare not approving cgms so I was not hopeful on being able to get one. I called yesterday and was very patient and courteous with the rep inquiring about do I or don't I qualify...she took her time and verified that yup...a new pump and a cgms can happen now.
At that point, I left a message for the sales rep at Animas to find out if there is an actual date for FDA approval and release...she called today and told me that the i's are being dotted and the t's are being crossed between the company and the FDA...likely within the next 60 days if not sooner.


It's coming US