Recommend a supplier

This is great info! I L❤️VE this forum for this very reason. I am so glad you chimed in & I am saving this post.

I have used Advanced Diabetes Supply and they have been excellent for service and reliability. I get my Tandem pump supplies and Dexcom CGM from them as well as Humalog insulin delivered by UPS every three months. I have never had an issue with Medicare billing for everything and my Medicare supplement payments with Cigna are processed seamlessly. I have never paid anything out of pocket except for my Medicare part B deductible. I have never had a delay in ordering and receiving supplies. I have used them for the past 4 years. I highly recommend this supplier. Their contact number is 866-422-4866.

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Thank you so much. I have heard of that company and always have noticed many positive comments. Thanks for mentioning that name since I had forgotten about them.

I also use Byram and have been pleased with their serice.

Thank you.

i would give wellstart a try. you can always change your supplier whenever you want. but i have been with them for years without any issues. a poster above said what they told me you cant order a new pump from them on medicare but you can get the infusion sets and the cartridge thingys every 90 days. they also send my dexcom every 90 days which a lot of these other companies dont do

Thank you