Should I get the Covid Vaccine?

You live in Australia, correct? I have no idea what the current covid and/or vaccination situation is there so I can’t do more than speculate.

What I have heard on the BBC podcasts I follow is that covid is relatively contained in Australia at the moment. So I would suggest first getting the flu vaccination and also scheduling your covid vaccination for 2 weeks after you can get your flu shot. My thinking is the flu vaccine is a relatively straight forward single dose, but the covid vaccine process can take longer to work through.

Out of curiosity which covid vaccine would you be getting? I suppose if you are getting a two dose version of the covid vaccine you could also get the first covid, wait 2 weeks then get the flu jab, then wait two weeks more and get your covid booster jab.

Bottom line: If your situation is anything like what we’ve faced in the US, it will probably boil down to what is available and when it is available. :man_shrugging:

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This is from an Australian source, where they do have this issue. I did find other material that was less recent, and that was a bit muddled

When should I get a flu shot, and can I get it on the same day as the COVID vaccine? - ABC News

The minimum amount of time recommended between the two vaccines is 14 days.

This applies for both the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines.

You can have your flu vaccine before or after your COVID vaccine, as long as you wait those 14 days.

However, when scheduling your vaccinations, ATAGI recommends:

  • If you are in the Phase 1a of the COVID vaccine, get it as soon as possible and then get the flu shot
  • If you are in a later phase of the COVID vaccine rollout, get your flu shot as soon as it is available, then your COVID vaccine when possible
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Yes, I got the common flu vaccine last November 2020 in the North Eastern US followed by Covid Moderna shot 1 in Feb 2021 and Moderna shot 2 in March 2021. I am expecting COVID booster shots being announced for COVID variants in the not too distant future and can’t wait for non-qurantine international travel, especially to Asia, to start opening up again as soon as possible.

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HI, Dee ~ Wouldn’t worry about getting the vaccine because of any possible rise in blood sugar.
My blood sugar actually started going a little lower after my first (Pfizer) vaccine early last month, and then continued going even lower after my second vaccine later in the month.
I’m still having the best numbers I’ve had in ages, and all the averages on my Libre CGM are reading lower, as well.
It’s been the only side effect to speak of that I’ve had, and I hope it continues.
So, did you get yours, yet??

Yes I saw it on the news yesterday. If nothing changes our international travel is opening up again.

haha yes that was because everyone was in lockdown so nothing to spread around. But things are starting to open up here. I have started going back to the office too and public transport and winter don’t go very well with the flu.

Careful is one thing but sometimes you have really selfish people around. I had a person enter the elevator without a mask and started coughing without even thinking to cover his mouth. I was about to tell him off but thought it was just best to hold my breath and quickly press the button to exit on the next floor.

Unfortunately there are a lot of these idiots covid or no covid.

Even when I’m out exercise, all of a sudden someone walks by without a mask in your direction and sneezes with covering their mouth, you don’t have time to react fast enough.

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I got my flu shot in October (California), with no issues, not even the sore shoulder that I usually get.

I got my first Pfizer shot on March 17. (Lots of people wore fun shirts for St Patrick’s Day. When else do we get to dress silly as a group these days?) I didn’t have any problems with BG or other symptoms, just a sore arm for a few days.

I’m supposed to get my 2nd shot on April 12 (Monday). My “weekend” is Tuesday and Wednesday, so I’m prepared to feel crappy! Time will tell.

I have Kaiser, and I kept checking my patient portal and pressing the COVID Vaccination Information button about once a week. When it said “make appointment” (instead of “sorry, we are unable to offer you the vaccine yet”), I was able to get an appointment about 1 week in the future.

I am still having muscle and joint aches 2 weeks after my first Moderna shot! Not debilitating but still uncomfortable. I was reading younger people also have worse reactions because of there strong immune systems. Since T1D is caused by a hyperactive immune system maybe this is why? I am a little concerned about the 2nd shot but I am way more afraid of getting COVID.

I think it would be best to contact your doctor. This is not a typical reaction, even for someone who is younger. Hopefully it fades in the next few days. Still, best to talk with your doctor- especially before getting a second dose.