Silly little thing

Ok, I know it's silly, but it's driving me nuts having to continually scroll down past the Big Blue Test to see the groups. The Test ended ten days ago so can the powers that be delete it so we don't have to do all that scrolling? Am I the only person who gets irritated each time I have to do that? (Probably so!)

I'm sure they'll get to it Monday. Technically, it's a month of Diabetes Awareness. Not to worry and hang in there......Blessings...Judith

PS---Love your avatar photo!.....

Thanks, Judith; that was my 65th birthday dinner.

Probably so. Little things like that annoy me; big crises and I'm the one you want to be there!

Hi Zoe,
I don't really have to scroll down much on my computer but I understand how that could be a bummer BUT

The Big Blue Test was prolonged until the 26th so with the Thanksgiving weekend, it's kinda normal that it is still displayed AND NOW we have the result!! Have you looked at them?? Really interesting! I'm glad that there is a follow up so we know what is happening. And know where the money is going. My dog and I participated every day. Did you find time?

How did Thanksgiving go? No celebration for Thanksgiving in France but YES, it's a challenge EVERY day in France! (Every day is a Thanksgiving meal...haha!)

My best to you. Mari

I presume the Big Blue Test is there because it's a big achievement of the organization and everyone around the world who participate in it and has accomplished something together. Many of us feel good about having participated in it, having shared it with non-D friends who joined in to help and got moving before the holiday *urp* hits.

There's a "groups" link at the top of the page that doesn't involve scrolling down. I usually go to "my page" to get to my groups for another option.

Thanks, Mari. It actually says November 19th on it, which is why I was questioning it. And yeah, I know it's a little thing!

The Big Blue Test isn't my thing, but I'm glad you enjoyed it. I can imagine how much of a challenge eating is every day in France, though isn't classical French food more high fat than high carb? Every day is a challenge no matter where you live and sometimes even no matter what you eat!

Thanks, AR. Yes, I respect the accomplishment even though personally I miss when it was smaller and not so focused on exercise and I loved the idea of all TuD members testing and posting at the same time. As for the groups I like to just see which groups have had recent activity by looking in that column. And yeah, I get that if this is all I have to complain about I'm living a charmed life!

Zoe, I agree with you and I have plenty of other things to focus on besides this also! I greatly hope that the new website next year will use less space up top for box links and other necessary info. I also like to see the new threads right away. MY only problem is that the threads change very quickly so if I come back in 10 minutes after deciding I want to recheck a thread, it is usually gone. I only recently discovered the "view all" option but even then this thread had disappeared from the whole list just a couple minutes ago. How quickly talk changes!!

I don't have to do "all that scrolling", so I am not irritated or really even noticed. But also, I'm a big blue fan and participant so I don't mind the couple of scroll actions needed.

I am more annoyed by that ginormous BD AutoShiled Duo Pen Needle ad. LOL

I also am aware that TuD recognizes the site needs some changes and they are working on it: - so Changes are coming, may they improve all of our experience. Diabetes Awareness is almost over so that may help. I am sad when I read that it annoys folks, certainly when we read so often about lack of awareness, need for education, and understanding.

I don't feel annoyed. It has nothing to do with the content of the ads or announcements. It has to do with user-friendliness of the site. For those who want to go directly to the most recent threads, and who check the site frequently, we don't need to read/see/scroll the same header info every time.
Again, I did not read Zoe, or myself, as being annoyed with any content or its reason for being there. But how many times do you need to read or see the top third of the page? And, there are ways to show important content without it interfering with regulars' use of the site. And yes, I did make it clear in my posting that I am aware of the forthcoming changes. No one is complaining, for goodness sake.
And, many do have to scroll. If you don't, that is good for you.

I get annoyed over things that don't annoy other people, Karen. I totally agree with the need for understanding and education. Though people who access TuD regularly are not the ones needing educating! To be honest, though, I'm not sure if "I exercise to control my blood sugar" is particularly the message I'd want people to get about Type 1 diabetics, since that is only one small part of how most type 1's control their BG and NO part of how some of us (a minority I admit) do. The messages about diet and exercise and type 2 meds are already prevalent in the media and I'm sure many of the people we meet as Type 1's still think "she could get off insulin if only she exercised and ate right."

Also, to clarify, I'm not objecting to the content, we each have things we're interested in and things we're not. Just to the fact that it says "through November 19th" and it's November 30th!

Nope, it does NOT annoy me especially considering that the big blue test is a great thing that diabetes hands foundation is doing.
In case you didn't know already, thanks to those who participated in the big blue test we were able to reach our goal of 35,000 tests and in turn DHF was able to donate a $1 on the participants behalf to nonprofit organizations which provide supplies and education to those in need.
This is an AMAZING thing that DHF did and so many of us have spent so much time participating and promoting this test, myself included.
It is truly an incredible thing so no it does NOT annoy me in ANY way.

I too skip the home page and have my favorites set to the page where you see all the most recent postings in all categories.

Sometimes, small things annoy me, too. I like to watch the live video interviews on TuD. Invariably, the space just to the left of the live video window is flashing various graphics. It distracts my eyes from what I want to watch. Maybe I’m just turning into a crotchety old geezer! :wink:

I believe good layout and design can meet disparate needs equally well. The change to a new software platform will afford TuD the chance to make the site better. If we don’t speak up, how will they know?

DitToe what Cayla said. BiG blue test is AMAZING and incredible.

BTW, When I used the bad a word - annoyed, I was strictly saying that the BD ad annoyed me. I never applied annoyed on any other person or idea. I just used a different word than irritated. I am truly annoyed even more now. Sorry the big blue test causes anyone to be irritated. Really sorry. Next year maybe DHF, IDF, and WDD will ignore the gig entirely so diabetics can enjoy their experiences in the DOC.

Sounds like I touched a nerve, Karen. But I think you are misinterpreting my comments. The Big Blue Test is a good thing, but hardly a sacred cow which can't be improved on.(Some ideas: Test and test a friend, test and explain your D to a friend, each person briefly differentiate type 1/type 2 to one person, talk about carbs with one person (D or not), etc.) But most importantly, though I don't participate in it, I never said get rid of the BBT. Only commented, and a bit facetiously at that (hence the thread title) about the form being "annoying, irritating, cumbersome" - your choice - to scroll through and having expired ten days ago.

hi terry, just that you know, you can also watch the video on youtube, if you click on the upper description of the video. i do that often..,
have a nice week!

Thanks, sc. I finally realized that I could reduce the size of the window and scroll to the right to move the distracting graphics off of my window. Can I watch on YouTube when it's live? If true, I didn't know that.