T:slim X2 case/clip solution

T:Slim cases are one of this pump’s weak points, but I’ve been able to make the new “T:Case” work by using the clip horizontally, then clipping it upside down to my belt. It only works on belts that are thick enough to give enough tension on the clip, but it at least positions the pump so that I can look down and not have to read upside down.

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FAIL. I loathe this clip. My medtronic fell off over the years from being snagged on things, but never just from simply bending over to pick something up.

After a few months with this pump, I have unfortunately grown used to it falling off EVERY SINGLE time i do anything. it has even pulled a set out, which is a separate issue I have with tandem. The backing on the sets is not strong enough. My medtronic quick sets could withstand almost any kind of tug, and these will pop back out if you aren’t careful enough during insertion. jerks.

back to the clip-
I have even gone to lengths to explore some of these other options, like the amazon third party clips, and even 3d printed ones from etsy. TRASH.

like, we live with these 24/7 it never leaves my side. It is beyond disappointing how disappointed I am.

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The case and clip have always been a really big disappointment for me. Perhaps they figured more places would make aftermarket options and fill the void so they would save the money on designing and manufacturing something truly good.

I hated the original giant case with the fat plastic clip that came with the pump, but in comparison, I liked the newer version with the metal clip. It did tend to fall off when I bent over, though.

Recently, the thinnest plastic bits around the charging port and cartridge have gotten brittle and fell off. That made the case loose enough for the pump to fall right out. I finally share in the case disappoinment others feel.

I stumbled upon this clip on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B007CBSBM4?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title

I searched the reviews for “pump” to see if anyone else was using it for this purpose, and there are TONS of raving reviews from t:slim users.

I’ve only had it a few days now, but I’m really loving it. The pump is so much smaller without the case. The clip fits perfect without obstructing anything important or hanging over. I used the included adhesive because it has a high weight rating and I NEVER do that. I love that I was able to reverse the direction of the clip, so that the pigtail doesn’t stick out there top of my shirts anymore. And it’s really TIGHT. Grips a single layer of fabric easily and snuggly. Plus, it’s a whole heck of a lot more reasonably priced than another $30 tandem case. I highly recommend


The case/clip of my new tslim broke within a couple months. I looked around for options but finding none I called Tandem. They pointed me to that same clip. Bought it, cleaned the back of the pump with an alcohol swab, let it air dry and stuck the clip on. It is still on a year later and shows no signs of falling off.

Robyn -

I use the self-locking version. My pants have an inside opening at the top of the main pockets, so I don’t normally carry my pump on my belt. But it is great for PJs and I clip it to my neck chain when I take a shower.


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I wish I could get a clip like those, but that could be rotated at will. The solution I originally posted can be rotated in 90 deg increments all the way around, which is useful for me, and it is removable. It is too bulky to leave on when putting the pump in a pocket though which is really irritating. My Disetronic/Roche clip (I think I said Accucheck before, but Accuchek actually changed the clip design to be crappier, so I just used the old clip) could be rotated in small increments to get just the right angle for any situation, and I NEVER had to take the case off. The clip portion was strong, and relatively flat.

Another big irritation to me is that Tandem doesn’t warranty the clips and cases. The Disetronic/Roche one was warranted for the life of the pump. If it did get broken (which in the 15 years I used them only happened once) they would send you a new one for free. For that matter, they would replace the pump for pretty much anything short of blatantly destroying it. I don’t trust the new manufacturers to replace one in the case of an accident like it getting shorted out with water if it leaks or something.

Do you have a link to the self-locking version? I only found this simple $10 one:


It’s called the eCLIPse, but it looks like they don’t make them anymore. I found someone selling them on eBay:

Don’t know if they actually have them. There might be others. Sorry!

Thanks! That’s even cheaper than the non-locking one on Amazon, and it’s scheduled to arrive on my birthday :+1::grin:

This scares me a little.
We are not supposed to go through airport scanners because they contain magnets. The metal detector ones.

I work in a laboratory that has rooms where there are strong magnets and I need to avoid those rooms.

Not sure how a small non powered magnet against my pump will effect it.

I avoid all magnets since my Medtronic pump failed after a metal detector.
They replaced it but warned me of all magnets.

I still do w my tandem. Once bitten, twice shy

For what it’s worth, I never had any issues from the magnet on the clip I shared before. The magnet is so weak it really couldn’t affect anything.

Also, they don’t sell a magnetic version of that clip that I could find. I recently got a new pump and ordered the clip for it, couldn’t find the magnetic one on amazon, but the company had a new version without a magnet which works just as well, minus the convenience of the magnet that helped it click in on its own, which really isn’t a big deal.

I was using that one too and it worked great, but then I switched pumps and had to remount and couldn’t find replacement mounting tape that would work. And I couldn’t find that clip anymore – Looks like they don’t make it for some reason.

My favorite glue is E6000. It’s nearly as strong as epoxy, but it’s just a tiny bit flexible and can be pulled off like rubber cement with some muscle. I had to do a warranty replacement she it took me ages to get the foam tape off and find a suitable replacement.

The only problem with the E6000 is that it’s slippery until it cures. So I put put the E6000 along most of the length of the clip, and then add just a dot of hot glue. The hot glue won’t hold for long. It gets brittle, especially in the cold. (I tried that, too) But it holds the clip still long enough for the E6000 to cure. Sounds a little crazy, but it’s the only solution I’ve found that has never failed until I forced it to. Better than every permanent mounting tape, auto trim tape, etc…

Yeah, it looks like they stopped making the self-locking model some time back. I did find some on EBay a year or so ago. Every once and a while, the lock can be a nuisance. The non-locking one might be good enough.

3M does make a double sided sticky foam tape that is pretty strong. I’ve used in it in lots of different settings, and am very happy with it. It’s grey with a red cover tape, ~1 mm thick.

This works pretty well for me.
Clip holds up nicely. Velcro wears out after a few years but…
I’ve used one for the past 10 years or so-first with a Medtronic pump and then with the current Tandem.