T:slim X2 case/clip solution


I live in a very cold climate, Alaska, and I don’t always notice when the clip lets go of the pump and the pump dangles at my leg. Needless to say, sub zero temps aren’t very good for insulin. Not sure how the pump handles sub zero temps, but it seems to be alright so far.

As for the newer clip, it holds onto the clip via a small plastic bump. That bump quickly wears down and rounds off, making it ineffective. I called Tandem and received a similar response, although they didn’t refund my money or offer me anything. In short, my only viable solution is to put it in my pocket, which isn’t an ideal solution either. Very disappointed in Tandem with their case. As much as the pump costs, they should do better.


T:Slim cases are one of this pump’s weak points, but I’ve been able to make the new “T:Case” work by using the clip horizontally, then clipping it upside down to my belt. It only works on belts that are thick enough to give enough tension on the clip, but it at least positions the pump so that I can look down and not have to read upside down.