Thanksgiving dinner!

I just made my first “lower carb” thanksgiving dinner…and it was delicious! I would serve it to anyone!


As long as there is wine; I’m in…lol

What did you make?!

I made turkey legs confit w/chilis/garlic/and almond chili sesame sauce, refried beans, mashed potatoes, tortillas, rice, and stuffing…no low carb for me today but it was worth it this time.

Happy thanksgiving!

There was some white wine. :slight_smile: but also, stuffing made with low-carb bread croutons, and pumpkin pie made with stevia/sugar blend substitute. Not completely sugar free, but a great compromise, that I would serve to anywone~


Yum…sounds really good.:+1:

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When and where


I made usual as I have others to feed. I had turkey,1/3 cup stuffing,gravy, green beans. I walked 5,400 steps yesterday. Lovely day in our house. Glad you figured things out for yourself. Nancy50


My wife made low-carb “gluten friendly” dressing. It was actually pretty good. I did NOT ask what the heck it was made out of, though. :slight_smile:

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