Tired when in range?

I know it’s normal to be tired when your sugars are high, esp. if they’re high often. But does anyone here feel exhausted when their sugars are in normal range too?

I feel tired when my blood glucose levels are in normal range also.

well if you mean in range is 80-120? then No, you should not be exhausted , or tired as you would being in the 2-300’s if that is what you mean

R U sure your test meter is accurate? If it needs calibration before using a new box ot test strips?
Do you have another Meter to comapre it too?
Have you taken it with you to your blood Test and did a test at same time as the draw , then compared what the lab says your BG’s were at that time?

R U a New T1? sometimes it can take several months to adjust…from running very high, then back into more near normal range…

And r Your BG’s More In range vs Too High? This kind of Roller coaster #'s can cause havoc as well.

If none of the above"? Then something else is going on…

Have you gotten an read the book> Think Like a Pancrease…
and Dr. Bernsteins> Diabetes Solutions…

and John Walsh’s> Using Insulin

Hope that helps

Yep! Tiredness is a permanent fixture for me too! Do you snore? Do you tend to fall asleep a lot during the day? When you wake up are you refreshed or does it take you a long time to wake up, only to feel tired later on in the day, like mid morning or mid afternoon?
The reason why I am asking is that you might have something called sleep apnoea which is where you tend to stop breathing, sometimes for up to a minute and snore or snort when you start to breathe again. This wakes you up but you do not remember it and go back to sleep, only for the breathing to stop again minutes later …
Of course this may not be the case and I am not a doctor, you would need to undergo several tests with a machine to check how many times (if at all) you do stop breathing and for how long.
If you do have it, then you will be given a CPAP machine which you need to wear every time you go to sleep. It forces air into your lungs when you stop breathing. It takes some getting used to but is very effective.
It is worth asking to go for tests. Sleep apnoea can be dangerous in that there is a higher incidence of stroke, heart problems and of course falling asleep etc, even at the wheel!
I hope this helps. There is a group for diabetics with sleep apnoea on Tu Diabetes which I have found very helpful.

Yes I am very tired often and will check my bg expecting it to be high but it will be in normal range. I chalk it up to the blood sugar swings that we have going on in our bodies 24 hours a day. I also have hashimotos thyroid which is an autoimmune thyroid disease that goes along with diabetes which often makes me feel very fatigued as well. Not sure if you have been checked for this.

Hey Dennis,
Tks for the tips, You also helped me :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed that mainly when I am exercising. I have a fantastic run when my BGs are in the high 100s, but feel super exhausted trying to continue running when my BGs are around 100, even if it isn’t dropping quickly.

Yes, I feel tired a lot even when my numbers are in range. For me it’s hard to separate the effects of aging, as I was diagnosed at age 58 and am now 62. On the other hand, I am retired and was working a fulltime job plus a parttime job for two years before I retired, so you would think the significantly reduced activity would have outweighed the aging.

Personally, I do think that diabetes takes a toll on our bodies, no matter how well controlled it is and that at least a small bit of fatigue comes with the territory.

It is just a shame that so many non-diabetics simply do not understand the exhaustion that comes with diabetes and have even called me lazy! And though I do not work for a wage (unemployed due to long term sickness, classed as disabled) I do a lot of voluntary work and stop when I have had enough! You could not do this with paid work! I would be fired within six weeks!

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It could be something other than diabetes. I would recommend having your thyroid checked. Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism is common with type 1’s and makes you feel exhausted. Also get checked for other things, like anemia.

It’s hard to tell because I think my body’s going through other stuff at my age and as a woman. But I notice a clear difference in my energy level since I was diagnosed last June. Things just aren’t really the same. Good discussion topic, btw.

I agree with Kristin, have a lab work-up done to make sure there’s nothing else going on that can’t be easily corrected. I do find that sometimes I am tired even when my bg is fine. It’s usually because I’m not getting enough sleep. It’s hard to know how much is my sinuses and how much is the diabetes, but it comes and goes.

Yes!! And diabetics have a higher rate of sleep apnea (at least thats what my Endo said). i have it & I am ALWAYS tired.

I agree Zoe!!

My bgs are in a good range, 5s and 6s and I am exhausted most of the time. However it is not diabetes, I have hyperparathyroidism, which causes exhaustion. So do thyroid problems, maybe you need to rule this out too.

I feel exhaustion from late can I make insulin (measures the sugar content and is 100-120), rather it’s because it tends to go up t our bodies need insulin … you got when you feel it makes insulin, has been measured, what did you do before???

Definitely have a metabolic panel run (not just a TSH). It likely could just be the diabetes but because other autoimmune problems often accompany T1, it’s not a bad idea to get checked.

Definitely. I actually feel much better when I’m running in the high hundreds to low 200’s. When I’m under 150, I feel nauseous, tired/sluggish, and just generally blah and yuck. Put me up to 190 or so and I’m full of energy and feeling fantastic. My control has been consistently great for the past month-ish…and I’ve felt absolutely crappy. Diabetes is frickin’ weird. Or maybe it’s me. ;-]

Hello Tom:

lol… sure. Two teen kids, multiple jobs, married, bills. Yup often tired. Sugars are only one minor cause for fatigue, there are many others…


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Hahaha Stuart I can def empathise with that :slight_smile:

I too feel pretty tired day to day, but I put it down to family life plus the fact I never get enough sleep - I average about 6 hours a night. Logically it makes sense that the big D would take a toll on the body esp if you are suffering yo-yoing blood sugar levels. However if you are in the normal range I’m not sure that would trigger tiredness. I agree with others and get some tests done to make sure nothing else it going on.