Trouble with Clarity, receiver and CGM

I am currently on my second receiver for my CGM due to problems downloading Clarity. I have tried everything and used technical support 3-4 times to try to get Clarity on my computer. This message keeps showing up, “The attached Dexcom Receiver is not responding. Unplug and plug back in to try it again.” I have done this a number of times with the old receiver and now with the new one. I even took it to my doctor’s office to have them download my data. They were not able to do it either, and told me to call Dexcom and get a new receiver which I did.

Has anyone else had this trouble and if so what did you finally do to get the receiver to respond?

What browser are you using to connect? I reinstalled internet explorer, as it is the browser Clarity would download to. But, I never got the kind of responses you are seeing.

I used Google Chrome and Foxfire.

Dexcom updated its Uploader program on April 1, 2018. Have you updated your Dexcom Clarity Uploader program since then?


try Internet Explorer

Tried internet explorer

give Dexcom support a call. they’ll get it working for you

This Clarity update recent release notes show Dexcom has abandoned IE support for two browser versions.

@Jane22 when all else fails, uninstall the Dexcom app and all it’s components on your computer and do a restart. Once the computer restarts, reinstall the app and things should work properly. Most likely you have a driver issue or are missing a minor component of the app. Sometimes you just need to kick it in the proverbial knee.

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Come to think of it, I had to do that the other day to get it to work

Thank El-Ver but we, my husband and I, did that with the tech support people! Still got that message that the computer sent, “can’t detect the receiver!” Frustrating!

did you try a USB 2.x port instead of a 3.x port?

I had that type of problem for a while, and when I finally called Dexcom for help, the tech tried a few changes, but the one that worked was to use another USB port. I had worn out something in the most convenient USB port on my computer, and had to switch to another one. The original port was used for years to plug in and unplug a USB thumbdrive for backup copies. That port still works for my keyboard and mouse interface, but won’t support the Dexcom cable.
By the way, make sure you’re using the Dexcom cable. The system is fussy about that.

The cable quality/type also makes a difference. Some usb/micro usb cables only have sufficient throughput to charge and not enough for data. MIcro A/Micro B cables are almost identical (4 pin vs 5 pin). One will only charge your Dexcom unit, while the other will accommodate data uploads.

El_Ver Dexcom tech support sent us a new cable. That didn’t work either.

Does Clarity reporting app consider the Tandem t:slim pump as a receiver?
My CDE, and the Dexcom sales rep advised I don’t need to purchase the physical Dexcom receiver, since the pump will act as a receiver to display the data. Fine!
Or get the G6 app on smart ( android ) device, working as receiver. Done!

I have the Clarity account open, and the Android device is listed; however, data is delayed by 3 hrs from this device, as per design intent. Seems to be working.
Should I not be allowed to add the Tandem pump as a receiver to get immediate data, without the delay? I see no [Add Device] UI on the webpage to permit this.
What am I missing?


Currently, the Dexcom API offers EGV data on a three-hour delay. The Dexcom API is intended for software developers to retrieve retrospective CGM data and CGM-derived metrics for use in software applications. Real-time treatment decisions should not be made based on the data displayed to the end user, and the delay helps clarify this. Dexcom settled on the three-hour delay after consultation with FDA.

I tried same, and no upload.
However, I use T:connect app and online T:Connect from tandem, and combined pump and cgm data is loaded.

In addition to X2 cgm, can you also use phone dexcom app to get to Clarity?
I use xDrip in android instead of G6 phone app.

However, I agree, the X2 “communicates” like a dexcom receiver and should also upload. Although it may not have as much memory/history as receiver.

Although the Tandem pump is a receiver device, it does not connect to Clarity. You must reply on your phone app to send your data to Clarity. Or as @MM1 said, use t:connect to see your pump and CGM info. Or download your pump to Tidepool and coordinate your Dexcom with them.

I have no idea whether data from Tandem pumps will ever go to Clarity and whether the two companies are negotiating to ever have that happen.

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