Volume on Medtronics Paradigm Revel 723

Hi everyone I am new here and to Pumping. Just Started on Monday. I was wondering if anyone knew what the little speaker Icon is for on the UP arrow button on the MM723? I would love to be able to turn the alarm Sounds up so I can here them if I am asleep as I am a pretty heavy sleeper…So I guess My question would be, can the volume be changed on my pump to increase the alarm Sounds???

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I hope you received a manual with your pump. I think you should read it. All of this information I am sharing is straight out of the manual!

That speaker on the UP arrow button is the EASY BOLUS™ button – Shortcut to set and deliver an Easy Bolus.

Alert options are here:
You can select the type of alert your pump uses (for alarms, special conditions and programming). You can select a vibrate (silent) alert, or an audible beep alert. There are three beep types: long, medium and short tones. The factory setting for this feature is beep-medium.
The vibrate alert type is disabled if you use the block feature, and vibrate must be set again once block is turned off. Vibrate uses more battery power than the beep alert type and may shorten battery life. If your alert type is set to vibrate and you get a LOW BATTERY alert, your pump will use the beep alert type instead to conserve battery power.
1 Go to the ALERT TYPE screen.
Main > Utilities > Alarm > Alert Type
2 Select your alert type and press ACT. That alert type is now active. Exit the menus.

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No, you cant change anything except the beeps on the pump or choose vibrate. I am using my
Animas now instead of my Revel, and that isnt any improvement either. There is a musical tone function, but it’s disruptive if you are in a public place. The only thing I have tried, is to set a reminder on my meter, and use that to wake me up if I need to check during the night. I hate having this type of problem…:frowning:

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Vibrate will be silent however if you ignore it,it will “escalate” to beeping more and more frantically, until it will sound like R2D2 when there are stormtroopers hiding in the closet. I usually hit it but sometimes if I miss the vibrate (sleeping, running with headphones on…), it will hit the escalate rounds and begin going nutso.

I’ve been trying a Dexcom since Saturday and it seems quite a bit louder…

I’ve been keepnig the Dexcom (w/Share) receiver next to my bed so that its louder alarm (could be louder yet, IMO) will wake me, even though the Vibe’s will not. The pump’s alerts are just too quiet. The only one I’ve had that was loud enough (barely) was the occlusion/empty cartridge alarm on the Asante Snap - it was also not very loud, but it was the sort of annoying noise that worked anyway, eventually.

Lately, I have not had too many nighttime problems, but if I start having them again, I’m also considering putting my cellphone next to my bed – it’s alarms are considerably louder. I’d have to remember to put the phone on silent and tell the app to override that, though - or the phone will annoy me all night!

I’m hoping to read some comparison with MedT cgm. I know you’re a long and succesful user of the Medtronic system. Is this a one sensor system trial or something longer?

I’ve heard the placing the Dex receiver on top of a cell phone with an earthquake app active will do the trick. I’m curious how that works.

This is a one-off Terry. A friend’s daughter got the 5 and she offered a sensor and transmitter and use of a receiver to a local group, more parents of CWD than D although there’s a few of us there too. I said “if no one who hasn’t tried one wants to try one…I’d love to give it a whirl…” and no one else wanted it. They had a cross country meet in Lisle (they’re from Bartlett…but I’d have driven up there!) so she shot it in last Saturday.

I’lll write something when it’s done, 28 days I hope! I had been sharing some pics on FB but have been super busy the last couple of days and haven’t had a good chance to forward all the pics (meter and 2x sensors together…) to my email so I can upload them here. I don’t even know if I have much of a comparison, they are often very close but I haven’t been able to spy any real solid conclusions. On several occasions, the Dex has been more “excited” than the Medtronic, lunging above what a spike shows on my meter, while the Medtronic lags behind, which surprised me given the DOC’s general preference for the Dexcom.

I’m not sure how much my “lifestyle” may be sort of tuned to the Enlites though, since I’ve been using them for a while now? I’ve had a few results like that. This AM Enlite was lower, 71 vs. 96 meter and 91 Dex but this is day 7 of the Enlite. I’m rebooting it as I don’t feel like jacking around with it. I’ve read the Dexs get tighter accuracy the longer they’re in so I’m optimistic that 5 points is a good sign but there have been many readings from both sensors that have been that tight.

I got a couple of runs in with the Dex and was pleasantly surprised that the receiver was no big deal in terms of tucking into my running belt along with my phone and some Smartie Beans. Then I had my veins in leg #2 lasered Wednesday (another odd reading thereafter, Dex went to like 159, Enlite was in the 130s and I metered a 119, so the Dex seemed to lag behind the “bend”?) so I haven’t done much since then.