I got my medic alert tattoo!

The way I look at it, now that I have this permanent tattoo, there will be a cure for type 1 within weeks! But then the cynic kicks in, and I remember with the insulin, injection/pump supplies and testing supplies, I am a cash cow. Besides, the tattoo artist said he would add "I used to have" across the top once a cure happens. He was cool, type 2 is in his family so he was quite educated. Anyway, I got the new ink On Wednesday 3/25. And I love it! We have to realize I do live in Portlandia.

I had a chance run in with one of the engine companies of our FD, so I bared bmy arm and asked for their input. They said that the medical symbol was very prominent, urging them to look further and see the type 1 diabetes note. They added it was the coolest medic alert they had ever seen. So it works and it's cool! I'm happy.

13-006.jpg (1.3 MB)

My pump sorta serves as a medic "alert". :) If first responders can't figure out it is an insulin pump, I don't think I want them treating me anyway.

lot of times, my pump is well hidden in a pump band or camisole. Along those lines, my husband is trained to tell them not to pull out the infusion set, but he (or they suspend) - assuming the call would be for a hypo - and I do worry about ER staff pulling off the pump, dropping it and throwing away my CGM sensor.

My pump is always prominently located on right hip, attached to the waistband of my pants. TSA employees always notice it. :)

Congrats on the new body art, safety alert!

That looks to me to be one big, honkin' tattoo! Wow.

Very nice!!

Nice tat!


The photo is bigger than my arm! But I'm loving it and now feel like I really belong here in Portland. I had promised myself a tattoo when the house we were selling in San Diego closed escrow. Id did so I granted my wish.

Very nice!