True or False Game


Sadly not.

You are hoping someone gives your new discussion a look!



The next person had a crazy, much needed thunder storm today.


nope, good weather on this side of the globe!

it is against your rules of life to ever sleep on time, ever


I don’t have an official bedtime anymore, so I guess not.

You or a family member has recovered from a non-diabetes related illness.


True about the family member!

the next person currently has the flu



The next percent recently flew. (i.e. on an airplane)



The next person recently purchased plants at a store.



the next person likes 70s & 80s music


Somewhat true.

The next person has added a discussion topic in the last week.



the next person… likes blue cheese?


FALSE! I order ranch with my celery sticks, thank ya very much! (:

The next person is going on a big summer vacation this Summer.



the next person likes family guy



The next person has a song stuck in their head right now.

Right now I have Miley Cyrus- when I look at you (or somethin like that)



The next Person is trying to decide whether or not to change medications again.



The next person has an endo appointment in less than a week.



The next person thinks that the prediction about Judgment Day being on 5/21/11 is highly unlikely. (Look up either Harold Camping or Family Radio online in a separate tab if you don’t know what I’m talking about.)


true (hey Pinky!!!)

The next person has had one heck (not the word I’m thinking) of a week last week!


True, I always have hectic weeks. (Especially since I’ve been arguing with my brother-in-law over the whole May 21 thing. I explained to him why it’s not likely to happen this year.) (Hi Doris!)

The next person has been around at least one child today that has been begging for treats.



The next Person had popcorn today.


False, but if I had some I would have ha ha ha

The next person has a tattoo