I did it! almost 25 years coming, and I broke into the 5's


Had my CGM for just under 60 days when I did blood work done, and the results are in - I got a 5.9. 1st 5.X in almost 25 years. Thanks to a CGM, I dropped two full points on my A1C. I honestly cannot wait to see my next one with a full three months of data to go by!


How’s life with no carbs. No pizza. Nothing


LOL - I eat carbs. I usually shoot for 50 or so grams a day, and one day per weekend I allow myself a treat. Pizza is actually not that bad in NY - Thin crust - I use the extended feature on the pump and it keeps my glucose curves in good shape. I do eat a lot of protein most days, and use on average a 40% bolus value spread over 3.5 - 4.0 hours depending on how high the fat is.

Learn TAG, get a CGM if you don’t already have one, and it is actually pretty easy to do (for ME - this is all subjective).


Big slice Pizza happy hour. Keeps me alive along with a bunch of other drugs.


Woo-hoo @Devildog! Big props to you! Congrats on your sub 6 A1c. :rofl:


What is your problem? I come here to try and help others with what I have done and learned. You see my results and immediately mock me and be sarcastic? If YOU cannot get control - don’t take it out on me. I am doing the best I can to stay alive for myself and my family. I am so sick and goddamn tired of people like you who troll the boards and make anyone and everyone who is doing good feel like S*&t. Get your own life under control and stop treading on me.


Thanks - I appreciate that!


That’s fantastic! Congratulations. I’m so glad the CGM has helped you so much in such a short time!


Congrats on your BG success. It’s nice to see progress when you put in the hard work!


It’s actually fantastic. You can still have pizza and anything else you desire.

Or, if you don’t want to make a pizza from scratch, you can buy one.

Same with cookies, bread, donuts, muffins, cake, brownies, cereal, pasta, crackers, pancakes, ice cream, pie, fries, wraps… Name anything and I can find you a recipe or a product that’s low carb.


Congratulations! What an achievement!


Congrats! Good work!


Congrats on your accomplishment. I got down to 5.9 once. It was the best feeling in the world.


Congrats! I’d definitely celebrate with the Fathead Pizza recipe posted above. It’s da bomb.


Wow! Congratulations!


@Devildog, Congrats! Not easy to get there. I know you will be staying sub 6%.
Ignore the “downers”. Not worth your time.


Congrates! That’s terrific results in short-term use. I have been using CGM for couple years with limited success. ( last A1c has risen to 6.9). Since my CGM and blood tests are constant reminder of my variability and rather poor control, I’m planning to discontinue CGM and blood testing. I will stay on my insulin dosing , stay active, and be careful with my diet. I certainly sense when my blood sugar is dropping below 70 and pop some glucotabs. I hope to enjoy the summer without the discouraging CGM graph. Certainly attaining improving A1c results is very positive and can support continued use of the CGM. However, I will take a break. If my next A1c is still under 7, I will be satisfied with the joy of not reading the CGM


Kudos to you! :+1::+1:. CGM is indeed a game changer! My big ol burly spouse hit his first 5s after 10 years of struggle. It was quite emotional for him. Now he’s ticking off 5s frequently. :grin:. Please keep us all posted on the next round.



Way to go @Devildog ! My A1c has averaged about 8.1 for several years. I started using CGM back in Feb. In a month I’ll have my first A1c test. I hope it goes down the way yours have.

Despite naysayers, I’ve found a lot of tasty lo-carb foods. The CGM has helped me learn which of them are real (versus the nutrition labels based on fantasy) :slight_smile:



Good for you! Sounds like you are making that CGM pay for itself!

I, too, started a CGM recently, February 3. And I’m excited about the results, also. In my case, I’d been getting A1c’s in the 5s for the past 5 years. Unfortunately, I was getting more lows than I liked, although I never had one I couldn’t handle myself even down to 31. But after getting the Freestyle Libre, I’ve been able to almost eliminate any hypos lower than 60. My A1c went to 5.9 last time from a 5.5 the previous time. But that’s okay with me. I think I’m in a better range overall, and 5.9 is nothing to sneeze at.

Keep up the good work.